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Joke of the Day : Coca-Cola drink or Petrol?

Joke of the Day : Coca-Cola drink or Petrol?
Somehow, the
car of a Pastor of one of the ‘Pentecostal’ Churches in Oregun area of Lagos state ran out of petrol at about 300 meters
from a petrol filling station, and he majestically walked to the filling
station for a gallon of petrol. The Manager of the petrol filing station Mr. Wale Akinsipe felt sorry that he did
not have an empty gallon.

“The people
have walked off with our empty gallons in the past week, but, I can do
something.” The manager told the influential fair complexioned Pastor.
instantly he did. He came up with the idea of filling about a dozen empty
Coca-Cola cans with petrol, and when he did, he put them in two cartons. With
one six-can-pack carton in each hand, the Prosperity preaching Pastor walked
back to his car and proceeded to pour the petrol in the cans into the tank of
his car one by one.
Just at that
time, a Methodist Minister, who was a friend of the Pastor, drove by, he pulled
up to see if he could be of help to this very influential man of God from Delta
state. Alighting from his car and moving towards his “Pentecostal” Pastor
Friend, as the Methodist Minister watched from afar off, the Pastor emptied the
contents of the Coca-Cola cans into his car’s petrol-tank, he said,
“I must
admit one thing. You ‘Pentecostal’ Pastors surely have more faith than we
Methodists. I can’t imagine driving my car on soft drinks” 
(Culled from
the book, Read & Laugh: First 100
jokes of our time
by Olaleye Falore)


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