Joke of the Day: Telling Lies

The local
Priest from the Ohonba district came
calling at the Bishop’s Court on a courtesy call on his Lordship. As he was
about passing through the gate, he saw a group of the town’s Grammar School
boys chatting merrily. The priest decided to see if he could share in the
on-going fun with the boys.

“What is
going on here, my boys?” The Priest asked
“We are
having fun, Pastor” That was the response from one of the boys.
The Priest
asked, “Can I share in the jokes?”
“Why not, if
not?” One of the rather daring boys said to the local Priest
“Then, let
me in” The Priest demand for a piece of the fun
“Sir, we are
trying to exchange lies to find out the person who has the biggest and the most
valuable lie. Whoever wins will go away with this transistor radio” The daring
boy added, showing the transistor radio to the Priest
“Oh, God of
Mercy!” exclaimed the Priest. “What is the world turning into? When I was your
age, I could not imagine myself telling a lie. Oh, God…!”
“You have
won the prize, Pastor” declared the daring boy. “Here is the transistor radio”
“What do you
mean?” the Pastor asked, confused as he received the gift grudgingly.
 “Oh! Our School Principal told us last week what
led to your expulsion from the Grammar School when you were our age” explained
the group leader as the boys took to their heels.
(Culled from
the book, Read & Laugh: First 100
jokes of our time
by Olaleye Falore)