Joke of the Day: The PDP scribe & the Telephone Directory

A top guru
of the ruling People’s Demonstration Party in the country sometimes ago in the
nation capital of Abuja drove his car in a very rough manner into the car of a
federal secretariat official at a cross road. The top political shot came out
of his car and inspected the two cars involved in the accident.

His was not
damaged, but the other car which happened to have been driven by the lady official
was badly crushed. The PDP stalwart looked around to see if there was any
policeman or any other law enforcement agent around. There was none. So, he
went inside his car, sat down, and said to the lady as he started to drive

“Give me a
ring and let me know how much it will cost you to repair your car. I will pay
the bill”. Not knowing what to say the very confused lady asked the politician
“What’s your phone number?”
“It is in
the telephony directory” the heavy weight politician answered.
Those were
days before the arrival of Global System Mobile Technology in Nigeria
“What is
your name?” inquired the lady.
“Oh, it is
in the telephone directory, too!” came the reply from the politician as he
zoomed off before the lady could register the politician’s car plate number in
her confused brain!
(Culled from
the book, Read & Laugh: First 100
jokes of our time
by Olaleye Falore)


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