Joke of the Day: Godwin Bassey, Please Spell Plantain

During the
pre-admission interview to Government College Ibadan (GCI) when the potential GCI boys were been tested on word spelling, one of the Primary school
pupils, Godwin, from Calabar, was
asked to spell the word “plantain”

following conversation ensued between the interviewer and the pupil
Interviewer: Godwin,
please spell plantain
     Whish (Which) One? The lipe (ripe) one or the unlipe (unripe) one?
Interviewer: (Clearly frustrated) what difference does it make? Just splell ‘plantain’!
Godwin:        Ok Teasha, if you fly (fry) the lipe (ripe) one, na DODO, if you fly (fry) the unlipe (unripe) one, na
(Chips), if you loast (roast)
am, na BOLI. All of them na plantain.
Culled from
the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100
Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore