Joke of the Day: I Charge you for Over-Loading

A fanatic
Christian was returning at bout 4.00am from a vigil that was held at the Lagos
end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway when, a few kilometers to Ibadan, a team of
policemen from the ‘Operation Rapid Response Squad’ stopped him at a checkpoint
and requested for a look at his vehicle particulars. Finding all documents
valid, the policemen asked for the vehicle’s fire extinguisher, C-Caution sign,
and extra tyre, which the Christian presented promptly.

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All that the
policemen really wanted was a ‘greasing of their palm’ with Naira notes by the
Christian. The Policemen then accused him of driving alone all at such ungodly
hour. The smart Christian then said “I am not alone here, Jesus Christ is with
me here; Angel Gabriel, Angel Raphael, Angel Michael as well as five Saints of
Heaven are with me here”. In a quick change of tactic to ensure that the man
did not go without a charge, one of the Policemen said pointedly “All these
people in this small car? Please park your car well, off the road. I have no
choice than to charge you with overloading”
(Culled from
the book First 100 Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)


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