Joke of the Day: Swedish Lover, her “Ugandan” hubby & Mr. Eko Onibaje

One way by
which foreigners could obtain resident status in Sweden was to get married to a
Swedish woman. This was what led a Nigerian man living in Sweden to marrying a
Swedish woman, although the Nigerian did not disclose this motive to his

The Swedish woman was of the opinion that the Nigerian guy really loved
her. As if that was not enough, the Nigerian went further to tell her a lie
that he was from Uganda.

A few months
into their marriage, one day the wife told her husband that in one of the supermarkets
in town, she had bumped into a Swedish lady who was also married to an Ugandan
citizen like her husband. She added that she had already invited the couple to
dinner at weekend.
The Nigerian
husband did not like the arrangement because he was not prepared to meet any
man from Uganda. He became greatly worried. So, week after week, he cancelled
the dinner party arranged by his Swedish wife using the flimsiest excuses. But
the cancellation was not for ever.
Finally, a
weekend was fixed for the dinner. The other Swede came with her Ugandan husband
to the residence of the Nigerian. At the table, the Nigerian host chose to keep
quite since he did not understand a word of any of the Ugandan languages.
The two
Swedish ladies later arranged for their foreign husbands to mingle. They asked
them to speak to each other in their native tongues.
The Nigeria
husband, being a man of great wit and wisdom, decided that he would rather
speak in his native Yoruba language with the belief that the other Swedish
lady’s husband would probably assume he was from a part of Uganda where a
different language was spoken. So, he came talking, “Egbon, Omo Eko lemi? Nibo le yin
ti wa?”
(Literally Meaning, “I am a Lagos man. Where do you hail
the other fellow looked up at the Nigerian and said “Ah, Bobo mi! Omo Eko lemi na!
Eko gang an!
(Literally meaning, “Ah, my paddy! I am also from Lagos; a
real Lagosian”). Both of them instantly rose to their feet and with a
spontaneous hug, chorused, “Paddy mi, Eko o ni baje o” (Literally
meaning, “Hey, my Paddy! Lagos will not deteriorate”)
Culled from the Book Read ‘n’ Laugh: First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore


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