June 12 Anniversary: Who Killed MKO Abiola’s brother, Tunde?

Late Engineer Tunde Saliu Abiola

Few hours to
the 24th year anniversary of the June
12, 1993  Presidential election
by late Ogun State (South Western
Nigeria) born business mogul cum politician, Basorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale
(MKO) Abiola, the question raging the entire family of the late Aare Ona
Kakanfo of Yoruba land in Lagos &
Abeokuta is “Who killed Engineer Tunde Saliu
Engineer Tunde Abiola formally married to a famous
Nigerian actress Clarion Chukwura Abiola
didn’t just died under some mysterious circumstances on Wednesday 24th
of May, 2017 but allegedly lost his sanity, possession and family peace to one Mrs.
Dele Dasaoulu Abiola
an ex-concubine of his elder brother and late June 12, 1993 presidential election
winner. To the consent of the larger members of the family, Tunde Abiola’s death was fast tracked by
the clandestine actions of Mrs. Dele Desaolu Abiola who is alleged to
have engaged the late Tunde Abiola in
an over 18 years war of calumny over a real estate on No 22, Ladipo Kuku Street, off Toyin Street, Ikeja—Lagos belonging
to Bashorun MKO Abiola.

History of the brother versus
concubine war

The late Engineer Tunde Abiola

According to
very reliable family sources, MKO Abiola in his life time had gifted a
real estate to his half brother, Engineer Tunde Abiola whom he sent
to America in the late 80s to study
Engineering in order to work for his firm
. The Property which was a real estate situated on N0 22, Ladipo Kuku Street, in the heart of Ikeja—Lagos was one of the numerous properties of the late business
mogul scattered around Lagos.  The building was allegedly used for his 1993
Presidential election tagged ‘Hope 93’ as one of the campaign offices in Lagos West Senatorial
. However, on the return of Tunde
to Nigeria on the order of
his elder brother; MKO was said to
have tried to make Tunde comfortable
as he sensed that the young engineer was already lost to the life style of
comfort and opportunities in America
and didn’t really fancied coming home again. He was said to have began a new
family in the USA with three kids to
his credit from one Mrs. Islar Abiola,
his first wife.

Tunde Abiola’s eldest kids all based in the US (They are all grown now with the one in the middle in Nigeria to see and bury her dad)

family sources claimed MKO dragged
him down to Nigeria with the  promise of maximum comfort and among which is
the gifting of the said N0 22, Ladipo Kuku Street two wing duplex to
him.  Our sources further claimed that MKO did the giving out of the property
to Tunde through a ‘deed of gift’ in
1992. Engineer Tunde Abiola on
returning to Nigeria was equally
conscripted into the MKO Abiola
Presidential campaign team
(Hope 93) as he did some foot work for his
brother’s political vehicle including travelling and coordinating some foreign
activities for his larger-than-life brother, MKO.
A top family
source told Asabeafrika that MKO
had given the property to Tunde Abiola
as a birthday gift on his 30th birthday. On returning fully to
Nigeria, MKO was equally alleged to
have given Tunde a sizeable amount of
money to start life afresh and live comfortable in Nigeria as he was going into politics at the time.
The Woman, Dele Dasaolu

The Woman who married at the center of the crisis, Dele Dasaolu Abiola

Who is the
Lady, Dele Dasaolu? Where did she emerge
from? What is her role in the larger MKO Abiola family and why did she go to
this extent of trying to retrieve a property from her supposed husband’s
younger brother? Thereby leading to his untimely death at age 54? Did MKO Abiola really willed the property to
her? Did she have a court eviction note to evict Tunde Abiola on May 19 or she acted out of the prism of law? These
are questions begging for answers at the moment in the MKO Abiola family and among concerned Nigerians.
According to
very reliable sources, the story of the Ilaro,
Ogun State born Mrs. Dele Dasaolu Abiola
is like the story of the proverbial ‘Queen Digger’ who comes to get all she
wants at all cost and ensure she gets it no matter the cost. To her, the end
surely justifies the means. Although, Mrs.
appears calm in her picture but sources close to Abiola family who spoke to Asabeafrika
described her as ‘mean, swift and callous in nature’ (This is what sources
claim she is, not our opinion) Her past and recent actions seems to justify the
description above as her action either by fault or default has led to the death
of three blood brothers in quick succession. 
Mrs. Dele Dasaolu Abiola was
said to have married one of MKO Abiola’s
younger brother, one Engineer Olayiwola
in the 80s and had two kids for him (A boy and a Girl). However, it appeared
the fair complexioned lady was more interested in her husband’s elder brother
who was a super-rich Nigerian at the time as she was alleged to have ignited a
subtle romance with her husband’s elder brother, MKO. Close family sources claimed that Dele forced her way into MKO
heart and began a discreet romance with him under some mysterious
circumstances. It was around this time and season that her genuine husband, Engineer
allegedly died under equally strange circumstances. Family sources
claimed that Doctor Report revealed that he died of food poison.

The Abiola Family of Abeokuta with late Engineer Tunde Abiola (Only one in shirt and trouser) as Family Secretary

It was after Layiwola’s death that Dele reportedly moved in with MKO Abiola and the business mogul flew
her to London and bought her a brand
new property in a Prime Avenue in London.
Both of them lived as husband and wife till MKO
joined politics and eventually died in July 1998.  Sources claimed that Dele’s issue really set the late politician against some of his brothers and relatives who found the entire
saga strange; they never liked the idea of ‘taking
over a late younger brother’s wife’
. They claimed that in Yoruba land, a brother can only marry
his late elder brother’s wife not the other way round. However, it was largely
agreed that the kind hearted MKO Abiola
didn’t act with his ordinary senses as they suspected that this Ilaro born woman might have charmed the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land, thereby
making him to behave in certain manners beyond his reasoning.

Late Chief MKO Abiola, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land

Dele was said to have within the period
of her marriage to MKO raised kids
for him as well (Family sources claim 5—2boys & 3 girls). In the course of
their relationship, albeit, without a concrete marriage than mere relationship,
Dele was able to steal the heart of
the legendary MKO Abiola even though
many of his brothers frowned at the situation as they silently grieved the
death of Olayiwola their brother whom they suspected Dele poisoned in order to marry MKO.
They grieved among themselves because Olayiwola
was a promising young man with a German education in system engineering. He was
allegedly wasted in his prime and never to return to life again. With MKO Abiola in the firm grip of Dele Desaolu, it was obvious that more
battles were ahead to be fought to reach the ‘promise land’ (Dele’s promise
The battle for N0 22, Ladipo Kuku

The woman Mrs. Dasaolu allegedly planted in the 2nd wing to monitor Engineer Tunde Abiola & his family and who gave her the hint that Tunde Abiola has been rushed to the Hospital before thugs arrived

Asabeafrika investigation revealed that the
battle for the said property that led to the death of Engineer Tunde Abiola on May 24th, 2017 started
immediately after the incarceration of MKO
in 1994 and became fierce in 1999, a year after his demise.
According to reliable sources in the family, Dele had returned from London
on the eve of MKO Abiola’s presidential
campaign in 1993, and as one of his ‘most powerful concubines’, MKO was said to have kept her at close
range, and under the care of the late Tunde
According to
undisputable sources, MKO begged Tunde
to let her have a wing of the now embattled No 22, Ladipo Kuku Street,
off Allen Avenue property to herself.
Even though, sources sympathetic to Mrs.
Dele Desaolu
told this blog that Tunde initially kicked against his
brother’s plan to put the woman under his wing as the entire Abiola family were bitter with her over
the circumstance of her marriage to MKO
, but he had to respect his brother’s wish at that material time as
the property equally served as one of his brother’s political campaign offices
and since she was equally working for his campaign, it was normal he shelter

The Embattled MKO Abiola property that cost his brother his life

allegedly had the left wing of the property to herself for the main time of the
presidential campaign and election. She was said to have equally joined MKO like many of his other women to
carry out certain activities for the purpose of ‘Hope 93’. Her ultimate
hope was that MKO would win the
election and be ultimately declared president of Nigeria and by extension; she
would become ‘one of Nigeria’s most
women’. However, her
hope was dashed as the military establishment annulled MKO Abiola’s election in July 1993 and called for a new exercise.
The entire scenario allegedly put spanner in the wheel of Mrs. Dele Desaolu Abiola’s Big Man’s wife plan, and the aftermath
is what culminated in the May 24th 2017 death of Engineer Tunde Saliu Abiola.

The battle for an inheritance in

Engineer Tunde Saliu Abiola in his lifetime

More details
revealed that Mrs. Dasaolu Abiola
must have been a victim of the bandwagon struggle-for-something syndrome that
hit some of late MKO Abiola’s
concubines after his sudden death on July 7, 1998 as she was said to have began
to see the No 22, Ladipo Kuku Street
as a ‘potential inheritance’ something she could ‘acquire’ and
thus the battle with Tunde Abiola
began. Sources close to the battle said Mrs.
started her battle with the late Tunde Abiola by claiming the first wing which she inhabit during
the June 12 Presidential campaign.
 The battle was said to have led Mr. Tunde Abiola and Mrs. Desaolu to Police station on
several occasion as the late Tunde out
rightly rejected her plan, claiming it was a clandestine move to annihilate him
and that a woman who allegedly poisoned one of his brothers to marry an older
and richer one was capable of doing anything and dangerous to keep at close
range. Moreover, Tunde claimed the
property was not hers and she was only desperate to earn the property at all
cost as his brother had not willed the property to her but given it to him as a
life benefit.

Number 22 Ladipo Kuku Street, taken down by mysterious AIG or by Dele Desaolu Abiola?


Tunde’s action was supported by the larger MKO Abiola family of Abeokuta who kicked
against Dele’s alleged satanic
intention to have a property which they claimed was never willed to her by
their late brother MKO Abiola. The
crisis saw both parties engaging in different subtle battles in the last 18
years. At a time, the late Tunde Abiola
was said to have thrown her things out of the second wing of the property on
the suspicion that she was trying to plant Juju
(Charm) on the premises and either make him die or make him lose concentration
of the property. Tunde was said to
have wondered why she wanted to have his property after MKO Abiola allegedly bought one for her in London and another one at Lekki-Ajah
area of Lagos in Nigeria.

Number 22, Ladipo Kuku Street in a total state of disrepute

It was at this
junction that a top Police officer at Area F, Ikeja allegedly intervened and begged Tunde to consider her and let her have the second wing of the two wings
duplex. The reason for this was simply because of the fact that she had kids
for the late MKO Abiola and not for
the fact that she is legally married to him. As it is now, Dele Desaolu was never married to MKO Abiola officially but had 5 kids for him. It was at this
junction she moved back into the property and allegedly brought a relation (her
younger sister) to be living in same property.
The Oliver Twist Battle…

Mrs. Dele Dasaolu Abiola….The Most Powerful Woman in MKO Abiola family?

However, Mrs. Dele Desaolu appeared never to be
contented with just having a wing and sharing space with Engineer Tunde Abiola as
she began another battle with the late Engineer. It was gathered that Dele didn’t only claim the ownership of
the entire building but equally began a shrewd plan to sell off the property.
Unconfirmed information revealed that she nearly sold the property years ago as
she already got a buyer and even got part payment but the attempt was foiled as
Engineer Tunde Abiola was able to get
back possession of the house after he took the case to the court. The battle
became messier as Mrs. Dele Dasaolu
returned back to London but allegedly
kept her younger sister in the 2nd wing of the building that
monitored events and gave her information on Tunde Abiola and his family.
The last battle & Juju rumor…

Engineer Tunde Abiola….Few weeks before his death

The last
battle to dispose Engineer Tunde Abiola
was said to have began sometime early this year as the Engineer suddenly began
to fall sick. His illness according to sources close to his last wife, Rosemary (who is presently in hiding)
was said to be mysterious as the Engineer started emaciating and depreciating
in frame. It got to a level that he couldn’t walk with his two legs again as
both legs were swollen and he was moving in and out of the hospital, spending
cash and was contemplating traveling abroad at the time death called in. On his
last day in court, he was said to have appeared on a wheel chair over his case
with Dele Dasaolu.
claimed that his illness was not ordinary based on new facts after Mrs. Dasaolu
moved into Nigeria  and ordered mobile policemen, touts and other
unethical elements to the building and broke it down on Friday May 19, 2017.
According to very reliable sources who spoke to Asabeafrika on Ladipo Kuku Street, Mrs. Dasaolu had planted
an agent, her sister, who watched events as Engineer
Abiola’s health depreciated
from one stage to the other. But the very weekend he was rushed out to hospital
by his wife, Rosemary, Mrs. Dasaolu allegedly ordered her men
to move in and break down the property thereby rendering the sick man homeless.
The mysterious AIG who bought No 22,
Ladipo Kuku Street

The Nigerian Police, a Great Organization?

Ripe information
yet to be confirmed has it that Mrs.
Dasaolu Abiola
had sold the property to an Assistant Inspector General of
Police with some fake documents. It was alleged that it is the said AIG on the order of Mrs. Dasaolu Abiola who moved his men to come and break down the
building in the absent of Engineer Tunde
Abiola who was in the hospital
attending to his illness. The way and manner the intruders arrived was said to
have shocked many people in the neighborhood as they marched on other occupants
of the premises and chased everybody away before bringing the property to a
shadow of it old self. For instance, tenants living in some properties in Tunde Abiola’s wing had their
possessions destroyed and removed alongside Tunde Abiola and his
family’s belongings. “It was just damning, damn ruthless” claimed a source
who witnessed the entire saga from a distance. “They came and broke down the entire property, they even threatened to
kill anybody who obstructed them, they were mean, I mean deadly and they did it
with a force that is beyond ordinary
” claimed a second source.

Rosemary, late Tunde Abiola’s wife with his corpse locked outside on Wednesday May 24

It was not
only Tunde Abiola who lost his
valuables in the long run after the devastating offensive but some tenants
living in the building equally lost their possession to the rampage. For
instance, a male pilot tenant who is said to work with a foreign airline was
said to have been a victim and had threatened to sue both the police
and Mrs. Dasaolu for intruding his
privacy and destroying his belongings. Three other tenants with two of them
operating shops in the front space of the building were said to have been
affected with their belongings equally destroyed.
unconfirmed report, has it that Mrs.
Dasaolu Abiola
paid some tenants off. But another source said ‘it is a lie’. The said Mrs. Dasalu Abiola is said to be in the
habit of engaging informants (including her sister living in the second wing) and
people in the neighborhood to monitor Tunde
and give her feedback on him. The war as it appears has been discreetly
fought for years until the last battle of May 19 that culminated in the death
of Tunde Abiola on May 24.
How Tunde Abiola died…

Engineer Tunde Abiola in his last state

A male
source who lives across the building gave a graphic detail of how Tunde Abiola died after receiving the rudest
shock of his life that his property has been brought down. According to him “Engineer Tunde Abiola was in the hospital
when the mobile police men, area boys and many other elements arrived. They
moved into the house and broke the doors, took his belongings and destroyed
some while some were taken away. In fact, his roof was removed and the building
brought down in a jiffy. It was a horrific sight and nobody could tell what is
going on”
“I think he got the news on his
hospital bed and he requested to be taken there. You know he was ill,  they brought him that evening (Monday 22nd)
in a taxi and  when he got down (aided)
he was surprised to see the extent to which his brother’s wife (Mrs. Dasaolu)
had gone by destroying his house and rendering him homeless. In fact, it was
the clothe he had on him to the hospital he could call his only belonging and
that was the only clothe he died with. Even his last son, Ola-Omo, it was the school uniform the 6 years old boy took to
school that became his only belonging”.

Ola-Omo, Engineer Tunde Abiola’s son who went to school and had only his school uniform as inheritance after their house was demolished

The Source
continued “Engineer Tunde was shocked and
heartbroken and he just went into a shock. He was rushed back to the hospital
and died few hours later. In fact, I learnt he died in the presence of his
first daughter who arrived from New York few days into his illness. It was a
sad episode”.
No house for the Dead Man…

Rosemary Abiola crying with the corpse of her husband locked out of their demolished residence

It will seem
that the author of the axiom ‘Hell has no
fury like a woman scorned’
was right when he made the timeless axiom. Even
in his death, Engineer Tunde Abiola was allegedly scorned by Mrs. Dasaolu Abiola. After his death on
Wednesday May 24th, his body was brought in an ambulance for Islamic
funeral rites in his house but his wife and kid and other family members were
denied access to the compound as another fence had been erected the night
before his death, right after the gate leading into the compound which
automatically disallowed any further entry into the compound.  Even the main gate was put under lock and key
as stern looking police men took strategic parts of the street and building
blocking unwanted entry into the compound. 
His body was denied the necessary Muslim rites that were to be accorded
him in his house. The entire scenario was humiliating according to sources as
his wife and family members had to move him to the burial ground somewhere in Agege area of Lagos where he was buried
after some Islamic clerics prayed on his body. On his 8th day prayer
on Thursday 1st of June, the same scenario repeated self as family
members were kept away by a combination of plain clothe police men, thugs and
miscreants who forbade prayer be held in his honor in that building.  Tuunde Abiola is survived by six children with
three (One boy, 2 girls) from Islar,
his first wife, one (Bode-Male) from actress Clarion Chukwura and one
(Ola-Omo-Male) from his last wife, Mrs.
Rosemary Abiola.
MKO Abiola Family’s reaction…

Chief Murithala Mohammed Abiola to Asabeafrika….’We will seek justice and we will get justice’

Until his
demise, Engineer Tunde Abiola was the Secretary of the larger Abiola Family of Abeokuta. In our effort to establish the truth , this blog
visited the family head of Abiola Family
of Abeokuta
, Alhaji (Chief) Murithala Mohammed Abiola last weekend inside his Ogun State home and his reactions were firm. The elder Abiola who was just regaining his health
after the shock of Tunde’s demise
told Asabeafrika
the position of the family “We have taken
the case to the court and we will get justice. The woman (Dele Dasaolu) was
never married to MKO; I don’t even recognize her as one of our wives. Because
as it is now, she has successfully killed three of my brothers and if we don’t
take care, she might kill all of us. She is desperate to become something and
she will do anything to achieve her dream. The house in question does not
belong to her; MKO Abiola didn’t will the property to her. Right now, we are
mourning but justice must be done. The case is before a court of repute and I
am sure Nigeria still has laws and customs that abhors impunity and reward
On the allegation
that an AIG of Police bought the property from Mrs. Desaolu Abiola, Chief
a trained accountant replied “The
AIG has all the power to kill me o, he can afford to send his men after me but
he is not going to use that house because he bought nothing”
(Read full
interview of Chief Murhi Abiola in our next post on


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