How Dele Dasaolu killed our brother, Tunde Abiola—Chief Murhi Abiola + How the crisis began after MKO’s death

A very Sad Chief Murithala Mohammed Abiola while speaking to Asabeafrika

It was a sour atmosphere last Friday
afternoon when Asabeafrika paid a
visit to the Ogun State home of the surviving head of the larger Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola family of Abeokuta to find out the reason behind the
sudden death of Engineer Tunde Abiola,
the secretary of the family and ex-husband of Nollywood diva, Clarion Chukwura Abiola who died on
Wednesday May 24 after a massive shock as a result of an alleged upheaval
between him and one Mrs. Dele Desaolu Abiola, wife of late business
mogul, Chief MKO Abiola. The 18 years
crisis which bordered on a two wing duplex situated on No 22, Ladipo Kuku
Street—Allen Avenue Ikeja and allegedly belonging to late Chief MKO Abiola has allegedly strained relationship between Mrs.
Dele Dasaolu Abiola who is said to be initially married to one Layiwola a younger brother of the June
12 presidential election winner before marrying MKO and Engineer Tunde Abiola.
Dele had claimed ownership of the property which is said to have been gifted to
Tunde. Three weeks ago, while Tunde Abiola was ill and was
hospitalized, Dele was said to have
moved in thugs, police men and other unethical elements to break down the house
and destroy properties belonging to Tunde and his family. The entire crisis led
to the sudden death of Tunde Abiola
who on getting to see the relics of his building on Monday May 22 suffered a
massive shock and died in the early hours of Wednesday May 24. His death has
since ignited anger and sour atmosphere in among offspring and members of the
larger MKO Abiola family. On getting
to Chief Murhi Abiola the 75 years old head of Abiola family, he told us the
full story. Enjoy the excerpts only on your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity
Encounter blog, Asabeafrika.

Sir, are here today to seek your
opinion concerning the sudden death of your younger brother, Engineer Tunde
Abiola after one of your late brother, MKO Abiola’s wives who is a lawyer  allegedly took him to court and ejected him
from a property on No 22, Ladipo Kuku Street, Ikeja—Lagos?

The GDA meets Head of the MKO Abiola Family, Chief Murhi Abiola

Yes, she
went for part time law. She is not a lawyer; she is an auxiliary nurse.
But we learnt she is MKO Abiola’s
Even me as
the Head of the Family now, I am going to disown her from the family on paper.
Why sir?
She is not
married to MKO; she is a concubine to
MKO. She was married to our junior
brother, Olayiwola Abiola who is
junior to MKO. But because of this
woman’s ambition to get rich at all cost and she knew that if she marries MKO, she will be in money, so, she
poisoned that her husband in order for her to marry MKO.
Jesus Christ!
That was
exactly what happened.
So, your brother, Olayiwola died

Chief Muri to Asabeafrika….’Dele married my late younger brother Layi, he died under her supervision and she then married MKO’

Yes, he was
poisoned. She poisoned him.
How were you able to establish the
poison theory?
It was the
Doctor’s report. It is quite unfortunate that she is having the report with her
because she sleeps with him, even up to his death
You mean she was still sleeping with
him till death?
Of course
she was married to him and they were living together and that is why she was
able to perpetrate all these evil and she is ready to kill anybody to get
But some people said she went into an
affair with late Chief MKO Abiola after the man died?

The Woman; Dele Dasaolu Abiola; married Married two brothers and fought one to the grave?

This whole
scenario is a game plane. She wanted to marry MKO and if she did not take away that my junior brother, she cannot
marry MKO. Even to my own belief,
they have been having affairs together before the death of that boy. That is
the fact, because immediately the boy died, MKO
just took her to London, bought a
house for her and they were living together there. But it came as hearsay to me
and in order for me to make a fact finding, because I like to have facts to
back up my evidence, I don’t believe in hearsay. I and MKO traveled down to London
and he took me to that house where this woman is living with him and I saw it
with my naked eyes and it was then I believed that ‘oh, what they are saying is true’.
How long were they married, I mean
herself and MKO?

Late Chief MKO Abiola….Married Dele after his younger brother Layi passed away

the boy died he carried her to London
and they been living together there. He bought a house there; he bought a house
for her in Nigeria.  It was during the June 12 campaign that she came down from London to come and help MKO
in the campaign issue but instead of her to go and rent an hotel, MKO asked Tunde (now late) because that house is two wings of duplex.
You mean Number 22, Ladipo Kuku?

The House that cost Engineer Tunde Abiola his life

Yes, one at
the back, one in the front. And it was Tunde
that accommodated this woman (Dasaolu) for the purpose of the campaign
activities, instead of going to live in the hotel. But on getting to the house
now, she wants to claim the entire house. She started problem and I called her several
times when she used police to arrest
, she used Army to come and beat him. I said ‘Ok, this is a family issue, come to the family and we will settle it.
Even if you take the house, the house doesn’t belong to you, the house belongs
to MKO. And there is no document to back your ownership of that house’
. And
in the will, he only mentioned your name for legacy. That they should give you
certain amount of money which you have collected; it is this woman that called
me in Nigeria, because I don’t live
with her in London.

Chief Muri Abiola shows the GDA a copy of the Power of Attorney assigning him the power to manage all his brother’s real estate in Lagos

This same woman
(Dasaolu) called me when some other women of MKO went to court in London, they
got judgment and they (fraudulently) used my name to appeal that judgment,
which I don’t even live in London, I
don’t go to court and I don’t have anything to do with all these things. So, I
had to travel down to London to go
and appeal all those things, I wrote a statement, if I check my records there,
it is there. So, I had to lift that appeal before they could pay that legacy
they paid to those wives and their family members. So, the thing this woman is
doing is a planned work.

You believe it is a grand plan?
Yes, it is a
grand scheme to destabilize the family.
How long was she at battle with
Engineer Tunde Abiola?

The late Engineer Tunde Abiola

It is for a
long time because she first came to tell us that the administrator of MKO Abiola’s
will had willed the house to her; and I told Tunde to tell her that there are no administrators on MKO’s will. I was the secretary of the
family when Rotimi Williams was reading that will to us and
Rotimi Williams confirmed to us that
the will was fake one and there is no administrator and it was we as
beneficiaries who attended that meeting that appointed about 4 or 3 of MKO Abiola’s children to manage the
will. I have a copy with me here.
Who are the children?

Alhaji Lekan Abiola…One of MKO Abiola’s scions who is an administrator of the will assigning Chief Muri power of attorney over Dad’s properties

I think we
appointed Kola, Lekan, Ayo and one other
person. We appointed the first child of the four elderly wives of MKO. So,
there is no administrator for MKO’s
will except his children. The minute of that minute is here.
So, indirectly, what you are saying
now is that what she did with Ladipo Kuku property is null, void and illegal?
It is
illegal because the house does not belong to her, the house belongs to MKO and
it was never given to her…
(Cuts in) Are you sure she didn’t
have any court order backing her action up?

Chief Murithala Abiola to Asabeafrika….’I don’t know Dele’s children and i don’t want to know any because their mum married my brother illegally

At all, she
has none. Even the current judge in the case (Justice Imeya of Ikeja High
Court) is asking where she got the order to do what she is doing, that it is
illegal. Even they wanted to do his (Tunde Abiola) 8th day prayer
last Wednesday, the police denied them; there were more than 20 gun wielding
police men because the person that bought that house is an Assistant Inspector
General of Police (AIG)
You mean the house has been sold to
Who sold the house?
The same woman
The same
woman, she is using the police and thugs to do what she is doing.
At what point was the house sold, was
it when Engineer Tunde Abiola was alive or after his death?

No 22, Ladipo Kuku Street, Ikeja

While he was
on sick bed, he was in the hospital and this was just few weeks ago. Even the
case was still running in court and they had to use stretcher to carry Tunde to the court to attend court
activities. In his sick state, he was taken on stretcher to court to witness
And what did they say in court about
the property?
But they
have not started hearing, the case just began.
So he now died in the process?
Yes. He was
on his hospital bed when they went to the house to break the house down,
destroyed his properties and rendered him homeless. When they brought him in
the car from the hospital and he saw the damage done to his residence, it was
the shock that ‘ehen, this house has been
brought down’
. It was that shock that killed him.
Sir, as the Head of the family, what
is the way forward? How do you think this matter can be resolved?

Chief Muri Abiola explaning more points to Asabeafrika as the GDA wondered

Some lawyers
came here, they said in law, dead body no dey attend court, that we have to
substitute somebody to represent Tunde but as the Head of the family and since
the property belongs to MKO, and for
now, as the head of the family, I am in charge of all the properties of MKO. Muyi
(Calls his son) where is the power of attorney? (He brought it from a suitcase
filled with other documents and Baba spoke further), all the MKO children have given me the power of
attorney to handle all their father’s properties. Any property anywhere, I am
in charge now.
That means you are the one to
continue the case?
From your own perspective and outside
the court, what do you think will be the best way to resolve the whole case
because you are all family?

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’Dele Desaolu has killed three of my brothers now and i must act fast before she kills all of us in this family’

I don’t
count her (Dele Dasaolu) to be part of my family again because she came to
destroy. The family believes in rule of law; we would file a case and divorce
her from the family because she came to the family to destroy us. We are not
much. She has already killed two or three now; and if we allow her to get away
with this; maybe she will kill every one of us because of the properties and
fame. Because she came from nowhere and she wants to be somebody and she is
ready to kill or eliminate in order to get to where she wants.
How many children does she have for
MKO Abiola and your other brother?

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’I can’t guarantee if her 5 kids passed DNA test’

She has two
for Layi and she has 5 for MKO.
You mean 5 kids?
All boys or mixed sex?
I don’t want
to see them. (Replied angrily)
Did they pass the mandatory DNA test
by MKO?

Chief Muri Abiola showing a portion of the Power of Attorney to the GDA

DNA? Did
they pass DNA? How? I don’t want to see any of them. I even fought MKO over
this matter. Because it is abomination in the family, even in Yoruba land. You can only re-marry (Su)
the wife of your elder brother not that of your younger brother. It is not done
in Yoruba land. Even he himself
contributed to the death of that boy (Tunde) because of what he wanted to eat.
You sound so strict and straightforward
on matters of discipline?
Up till his
death, me and MKO, we don’t agree on that policy (of acquiring his younger
brother’s wife). Not that I fight people for that long but I could have
different mind with somebody’s opinion. I have my own policy and that stands.  
Can you tell us briefly about the
person of the late Olayiwola Abiola and the late Tunde Abiola. Who were they in
their life time?

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika…’MKO Abiola trained both Layi and Tunde abroad’

Layi went to Germany to study engineering
and he was working for ITT. MKO sent Tunde to America to study
telecommunication engineering. So the issue of this house (22, Ladipo Kuku)
came about when Tunde got to America and instead of going to school
he decided to enjoy himself all around and he never planned to come back home.
I am the architect of that house; I was the manager/accountant of Abiola Babes (football Club) and I won Challenge Cup thrice and even for keep.
That time we normally have matches every weekend. So anytime we have match, I
will get in touch with my brother (MKO) to brief him of our progress, where we
are going, the match we are going to play, the club we are going to face
because he was spending dollar, we were not spending Naira for those matches.

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’As Manager of Abiola Babes Football Club, i managed both sports and family issues for MKO’

We have to fly players from one city to
another, rent hotels, and get food for them; so I see him every weekend we want
to play and each time I get to his house, the first program on our list is
family issue. So, we will discuss the family issue and he will ask ‘how about our Baba? What is happening in
the family house at Abeokuta?’
And we will discuss everything before I give
him the report on the sports business which I am handling.

So, how did Tunde Abiola became the
owner of 22, ladipo Kuku property?

Late Engineer Tunde Abiola….Got a property gift from his late brother?

The question
of housing came up when he (MKO) asked me and he said ‘did you hear what your brother is doing in America? He is just
enjoying his self all around. You know my business in telecommunication
business—ITT. And I send him down to go and study but he is enjoying himself.
He doesn’t want to come back home
’ and I said ‘ok, if you want him to come back home, it is you that will entice him
to come back home’
. Firstly, somebody who is enjoying there and you want to
take him out of where he is enjoying, then you will have to provide what is
enjoyable here. So, you must provide him house, give him enough money—cash to
start his business. Once he has all these in his hand, he will come back home
by himself; even call him that ‘hey,
Tunde, I want to buy a house for you o, which side do you want in part of town?
I want to buy a house for you, I want you back home, what you have done there
is enough’,
that was how the question of that house came about.
You mean 22, Ladipo Kuku off Allen?
Yes, Ladipo
Kuku, I was the one that initiated it.
You mean you initiated the
controversial property for your brother and the late MKO had used the property
to lure Tunde Abiola back to Nigeria?

Chief Muritala Abiola to Asabeafrika….’We used the Number 22 ladipo Kuku Property to lure Tunde back to Nigeria’

He equally
gave him Ten Million Naira to start
business then. People who knew can attest, even if you ask this musician, is it
not Wasiu they are calling him?
You mean K1 De Ultimate?

K-1 De Ultimate performed at Tunde Abiola’s business opening in Nigeria

When Tunde wanted to open a business center
at this Balogun side of Lagos, he rented an apartment with that
money, bought computer and everything, he invited Wasiu (K1 De Ultimate) to
come and open and he just spent that money lavishly. This is how the whole
thing started.
We learnt at the time, the family
gave Mrs. Dele Dasaolu Abiola a wing of that duplex to be living, how come she
started claiming everything?
It was Tunde that allowed her into the property
because it was only Tunde living
there. It was Tunde that allowed her
just for that campaign season.
Since she decided to sell the
property now, are you in relationship with the new occupier? I mean the AIG who
bought the property and can the AIG move in now?

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’I know the AIG who brought the property has the power to send his boys after me but he will never pack into that property because he just bought nothing’

To move into
that house?
Yes sir.
He cannot.
He has not bought any property. The property belongs to MKO and it is not the family that sold the property to him, that is
why I am showing you the power of attorney written by MKO’s children that all their Papa’s property, I should handle them.
Open it and read now, you will see the signature of those children and what
they want there (We opened and read to the hearing of others). So, the person
that bought the land has not bought anything.
Do you have an idea of how much she
sold the property?
You mean the
Yes, sir
I have not
seen her and I don’t know, I don’t know how much she sold. All I know is that
the house has not been sold.
As the Head of the family, what is
your relationship with other children especially Kola Abiola the first son?

The GDA  read out some of the terms in the letter of Power of Attorney as directed by Chief Muri

I told you
that it is all MKO’s children that gave me the power of attorney and Kola is
only one out of 72. And that is what made me go to Concord Press, I have taken over Concord from Kola, I have
let it out to a tenant that even pays to us. One of MKO’s children was here yesterday. Kola has nothing on MKO’S
property unless we just decide that he should be consulted over any other
matters. Anybody buying property from Kola
is not buying property.
Is it true your late brother’s body
was stopped at the gate from observing the normal Islamic prayers?

Late Tunde Abiola’s wife, Rosemary crying near the ambulance with the body of her husband rejected at the gate of his house as the house was suddenly under lock and key

Because the
House was said to have been bought by an Assistant Inspector General of Police,
I don’t know his name. So, he is using police and army to guide that house that
no family must come near. No family of Tunde
must be allowed, even they wanted to do his lying-in-state in the house, he
said NO. They even had to go to court to seek redress, the judge in the court
gave an order and the police still refused the order. They said it is not the
judge that put them there.
Are you sure, that the police men
disrespected the court order for Islamic activities to be performed on his body?
Yes, of the
court. So, the judge had to even write another judgment and took it to the Chief Judge of Lagos State to serve on
the commander of Area F or area
something because I have never seen where a judge will give order and the
police will reject. I never saw that before.
You mean you don’t even know the
buyer of the property?
I don’t know
his name, I am just hearing that he is an AIG and he is using his power as a
police officer to create this entire crisis and by God’s grace I will make
sure…he has the power to kill me o but he will not use that house.
Sir, what do you think government
should do especially under a democratic government of President Buhari and
Professor Yemi Osinbajo?

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika….’We will surely get justice if not from man but from God. We are in court, we will get justice’

All this
indication shows that we don’t have a government. I have been saying it for a
long time; we don’t have government in Nigeria. The government that will not
obey court order, the government that will send lists of appointed officers to
its legislative arm and the list will not be honored or confirm. If there is a
government, we don’t need to have all these problems.  But we are already in the court of law and I
surely know that justice will come our way. This injustice and impunity will
not go unchecked. God will take care of the rest and we will surely get


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