Make Party Interest Supreme at Polls – Otunba Segun Adewale

Otunba Segun Adewale
As the
People’s Democratic Party
 (PDP) prepares for some states and local council elections nationwide, Otunba Segun Adewale (OSA) has said the party would have significant victory if all interests within the party
across the country bury their grievances and work together as party faithfuls.

The Lagos
State Chairman of the
 PDP said in a statement made available to the
press that
 the party remains the alternative to delivering the suffering masses of this country from the
excruciating hardship
 and pains the All
Progressives Congress
 (APC) has
unfortunately inflicted on them
 through its policies somersault and fake campaign promises.  ‎ 

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 said it is
time we learn from our past mistakes and forge a common front to ensure total
victory for the party in all the coming polls starting from the
 Edo State gubernatorial elections on Saturday,
September 10.
 This will indeed start to rebuild the confidence
of Nigerians towards
 forming a new PDP led national government in 2019″
Adewale also known as Aeroland in business and
 urged all with cases in
courts to look beyond personal gains with a view to
 amicably resolve them and forge ahead as a united indivisible party. Adewale adv ised that the
sufferings of Nigerians in the hands of this accidental government should be
paramount in the minds of all party
 faithful as there
is absolutely no need to transfer our internal disagreements
 to the helpless masses.

“We would all agree that Together We Achieve More. In this vain, I advise that
we must ensure
 both Senators Ali Modu Sheriff and Ahmed Markafi support whoever INEC tentatively recognizes as our candidates and
at the appropriate time resolve all grievances
‎ including
who is the
 authentic flagbearer
 the law
 after our great party must have won both Edo and Ondo States Otunba Adewal e stated. 


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