Mysterious things Kudirat Abiola did on the day she was shot

The Author Jamiu Abiola tells the GDA more story of how his father fell for Abacha’s dirty deal
“I will be right back. I forgot something inside”. This was the
second time that Kudirat was getting out of her car that morning. “Don’t worry, if we get there late, I will
not blame you
” she added reassuringly to her driver, on whose face a look
of concern had suddenly appeared.

She was planning
to go to the Canadian embassy, which was on the other side of town. She had a
meeting with its high commissioner whom she planned to inform of her important
sets of meetings with John Shattuck. She had always been
impressed with the level of commitment the Canadian
High Commission
demonstrated toward human rights issues and was certain
that the high commissioner would be motivated to do more for her cause once he
was aware of the additional steps that she had taken in the recent past. But it
was not her excitement that morning that had made her so forgetful. It was a
new concern that she had.

MKO & Kudirat Abiola; First Nigerian Couple to die for Democracy

The previous
evening, Mr. Debo Adeyemi, her elder brother, had paid her a warning
visit. It was not the first time but this one was different. He told her that
someone in the government had said that her life was in very grave danger. He
was so worried that he mumbled as he spoke. He was not the only one among her
siblings who had cautioned her: they had all done so. They had all come to see
her just a few weeks earlier after they had heard that the government had
briefly detained her for sending people to distribute antigovernment flyers
around Lagos State.

MKO Abiola…The Star Boy from Egba Land

Her brother’s
major point that evening was that the regime was probably more angered by her
statements than any other person’s in the opposition for certain reasons. “You are a woman and you know how
chauvinistic these generals are. Aside from that, you are challenging the
government without running away. This has probably caused a dent in their inflated

Alhaja…Alhaja Kudirat Abiola’s mother. She was disturbed and tried
advising MKO against picking a fight with government over his mandate

Kudirat was moved by
his plea and her eyes were full of guilt for making him so concerned. But when
she spoke, she defended her actions. “I
am not happy about the situation that I have found myself but things have gone
too far for them to be reversed. Besides, not all warriors go to war and return
There was a long silence before she stated with a calmer tone, “I am sorry for that outburst and for
putting you through this stress. Don’t worry, I’ll do as you wish and tone down
my activities. I’ll also make plans to travel to spend time with my children in
the United States”

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“It took a while before her driver and her personal
assistant were able to get a hold of themselves. By the time they did and
looked back, they saw Kudirat had a
gunshot wound on her forehead. Her Koran, which was still in her hands, was
soaked in blood”

MKO Abiola the Enigma

Her brother
smiled and after a while, he stood up to leave. As she escorted him to his car,
she noticed that he still had an apprehensive look on his face. Trying to console
him, she added, “On second thought, based
on recent history, governments, no matter how brutal they are, never kill
. She went on to remind him about South Africa. “Do you remember the Apartheid government in South Africa? Winnie Mandela fought that government
for decades and she was never killed”.

Jamiu Abiola wants the World to read about the true story of his dad

Kudirat was having
flashbacks of that conversation as she rushed into her room that morning. She
picked up her Koran and checkbook. She was back in her car in less than three
minutes. Her driver and personal assistant were seated in the front while an Islamic cleric sat beside her in the
back. After a short distance they dropped the cleric off at a bus stop then
proceeded on their way.
Her driver was
speeding because they were running late. All of a sudden a car was driving very
close to them. Her driver tried to maneuver away from the car but the car kept
coming closer.

General Sani Abacha…Played 419 on MKO Abiola

Kudirat’s driver was able
to get away but the other vehicle soon caught up with him.
Side windows
opened and men inside began spraying Kudirat’s car with machine gun fire.
Her driver tried to speed away but was hit by a bullet. He was still conscious
and alive but he lost control of the car and it smashed into the right side of
the road, near a police checkpoint. Her personal assistant was not hurt but was
in shock.

General Abacha’s 2nd in command, Genere Oladipupo Diya (His Hands were tight on MKO Abiola’s Case)

It took a while
before her driver and her personal assistant were able to get a hold of
themselves. By the time they did and looked back, they saw Kudirat had a gunshot
wound on her forehead. Her Koran, which was still in her hands, was soaked in
blood. She was still breathing. Both men jumped out of the car and began
screaming for help. Someone came to their rescue and Kudirat was taken to a
nearby hospital in another vehicle. She died a few hours later after doctors
had battled to save her life.

Kudirat Abiola…Very disturbed with events in her husband’s political career

That same day,
in accordance with Islamic rites, Kudirat was buried at home in a
funeral attended by over twenty ambassadors. A government delegation comprising
of a couple of ministers was also present. The head of the government
delegation praised her in a long speech and Nigeria’s military leader, who had
sent his killer squad to assassinate her, issued a statement in which he
described her as a “devoted Muslim and wife”. News of her death spread around the
world through CNN.

Dignatories @ the Launching of ‘The President who Never Ruled’

afterward the government arrested Kola, her stepson, and some of Moshood’s
relatives. The police released them after a while because there was no evidence
against them. The government simply wanted a scapegoat and Kola, through his feud
with Kudirat,
had given them a golden opportunity.
Years after her
death, the man who killed her on behalf of the Nigerian government, confessed
and stated that it was a plot that involved Mohammed, General
son, his personal driver, one of Kudirat’s aides, and the
chief security officer of General Abacha.

The Book of MKO according to Jamiu Abiola

(Excerpts from
the book, The President Who Never Ruled by Jamiu Abiola; get copies
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