Nigerian Youths’ Endorse Palmchat As Favourite Instant Messanger

LAGOS: With instant messaging
being the new trend in the social media space, Nigerian youths have endorsed Palmchat
instant mobile messaging app as the number one messaging brand.

Palmchat is a unique
instant messenger which is targeted at the youths, with its unique interface,
trendy and hilarious smileys and emoticons, engaging chatrooms, Palmchat offers
new innovation that foster lasting chatting experience.
 Explaining the impact
of the new app further, Mounir Boukali, Head of Public Relations, Transsion
Holdings, said, “users’ experience holds a very high
point in whatever the brand offers, and such a good experience brings great
testimonies that can translate to endorsements that will encourage new users to
sign up with the platform. We have over time studied the trend and understand
what appeal to the growing population of users”.
Boukali, highlighting
the features of the app said, “
one of the most exciting things
about Palmchat is the “shake shake” feature which enables you to find new
friends around with just shaking your phone and select the new friend”.
He further explained
that, the chartroom also enable users interact with people of same mental
standing on selected topics. “It also provides a feature where users can
purchase clothing items and accessories and get up to 15% discount on your
favorites online Nigerian stores such as Jumia and others. All you have to do
is download the app, sign up, and get chatting on your favorite brand’s
chatroom and get your discount code” Boukali explained.
Palmchat is a multi-media messenger that enables friends to
connect across all platforms, and make new friends in diverse  fun-filled and exciting ways.


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