PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge enter Finals in ‘Be A Winner’ Contest

A Student facing his challenge in a well equipped science laboratory

After 3 keenly contested stages of Nigeria’s leading
science competition, PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge, is poised
to enter the final stage with six students who have scaled through the second
and third rounds. The six successful players will now compete for the premium
prize at an event scheduled to hold later this month.

PZ Cussons
Chemistry Challenge
, an initiative of PZ
Cussons Foundation
started with about 3000 students engaging in the
different stages of the competition. The second round had 130 selected performers taking the multiple answer examination that
led to 24 including 3 female students, scoring above the set mark. Following
the practical test for the 24 players, 6 finalists have now emerged and will
compete for the star prize.

Cross section of students after the Third round
This year’s science competition, themed Be A
, was designed to
stimulate and inspire the learning of Chemistry among students and raise
their level of reasoning to demonstrate the importance of chemistry in our
society. The programme
is sponsored by two top
family brands, Premier Soap and Nunu Milk from the stable of  PZ Cussons Nigeria. Non-participating
students are not left out as they can also test their Chemistry knowledge with
the Online Student Test.
Group of Students sorting out scientific solutions in a well equipped laboratory
The top 6
students will compete through a live final QUIZ on stage. The student with the
highest overall score will become the PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge Champion
for 2016/2017. 4 of the 6 students will be fully rewarded whilst the last two
will be compensated. The 24 students from stage 3 will be invited to be part of
an audience live competition during the final stage with the opportunity to win
various prizes. The Winner of the PZCCC 2016/2017 will be announced at an award
ceremony to be held on the same day and venue of the finals.
Teachers are not left out. The Top 6 teachers with the
highest score on the Online Teachers Aptitude Test will stand a
chance to compete against each other and be rewarded.

Another Student taking his briefs in a Science Laboratory

mouth-watering awards and prizes are as follows: First prize – trophy & gold medal, N700, 000, a laptop,
N100, 000 for the teacher and N100,000 worth of laboratory equipment for the
school. Second place prize – N450, 000, a laptop, N80, 000 for the teacher and
N80, 000 worth of laboratory equipment for the school.

 For the
third place prize, N350, 000, a laptop, N70, 000 for the teacher and N70, 000
worth of laboratory equipment for the school while the fourth place winner will
go home with N250,000, a laptop, N60,000 for the teacher and N60,000 worth of
laboratory equipment for the school.

Launched in 2007, PZ
Cussons Nigeria Foundation
has been helping Nigerian communities by
supporting projects in the areas of roads, and other infrastructural
improvements like water and sanitation, health and education. The Foundation
has completed over 58 projects in 36 different locations in the country.
Only those
who understand Chemistry as a discipline and how it relates to the real world
will stand a chance to be crowned the PZCCC
2016/ 2017 Champion
. As the final day approaches, anxiety is
heightening.  Analysts are looking at the six finalists and wandering, who
would that be?

Cross section of students after the Third round


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