Why I cursed ex-Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Senator Omisore — Chief Abiola Ogundokun | Says ‘I didn’t make a dime from serving Abacha’

Chief Abiola Ogundokun
In this
second part of his 80th birthday exclusive with Africa’s Number 1
Celebrity Encounter Blog, Asabeafrika, Chief Abiola Abiona Akinnpenu Ogundokun
the Publisher of CONSCIENCE International magazine spoke
about his great disappointment with the Nigerian political class and also
announced himself as “A disappointed Politician”.  
The Iwo, Osun State (South
West Nigerian) born political titan told us for the very first time how he laid
a permanent curse on his former boss and friend, Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola
of Osun State and the presently
embattled Senator Iyiola Omisore whom Chief Ogundokun claimed will never amount to anything politically
in Osun State for the rest of his
life. Ogundokun again, for the very
first time, against long held views that he made fortunes from the Government
of General Sani Abacha whom he
served diligently even at the detriment of his goodwill, declared to Asabeafrika that he didn’t make a
fortune from the regime as all he did were from his heart for a loving leader—Abacha. This interview promises to
reveal many other things that will shock you. Enjoy.

The GDA meets Chief Abiola Ogundokun

During this last election, you were
in the camp of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and you visibly supported…
(Cuts in) I
was in the PDP and I played such a wonderful role, I advised Goodluck
(Cuts in) So, why didn’t he listen to
You know
when they go there they talk sweet. I think wherever he (Jonathan) is now; his
conscience will be telling him that Chief Ogundokun told me, he warned
me. I even warned him in the presence of the South West (PDP) Caucus in the
villa. I warned him about (Senator) Iyiola Omisore too. I warned him and
I am ready to confront Omisore too. I accused him of
collecting money; he collected money and denied it. Today, the new government
is exposing him for collecting that money. So, where is he going to hide his
face now? Can he deny he didn’t collect that money? The money for the election
did he give it to us? I wasted two hundred million of my
money, selling properties here in Festac and elsewhere in Lagos. Now,
I am living on something that I have built ever before PDP came into being. I
want somebody to point out and accuse me of collecting one kobo for anything in
my political career, any money from anywhere. I worked, used my money to build
the party and used my influence as a go-getter. A go-getter never lose
election, I don’t lose elections. I have won elections. I have been
successfully in charge of Iwo Local Government elections for
years. I put whoever I like there. I don’t need to have any relationship with
you; if you have good credibility I put you there. But now, once you are strong,
people gather to destroy you. I thank God that nobody has succeeded in
destroying me.

The GDA with a copy of Conscience International Magazine (New Edition)

I took no kobo from PDP
Sir, where did you think Goodluck
Jonathan got it wrong. Today, his ex-aides, ministers and political friends are
being hounded into jail over several allegations of looting and massive
stealing. We have names like
Jide Omokore, Fani Kayode, Dieziani Alison Madueke, Iyiola Omisore, Olisa Metuh, Ayo Fayose and many more. But Chief Ogundokun is standing tall? How did GEJ mess up?
I took no
kobo. I spend my money. So, they can never call me. Let them mention where they
gave me one kobo. I mean one kobo. I spent money; I sold four of my properties
including my Biscuit factory on Badagry road to sustain PDP. Let
them come and say I join them in collecting any money, anywhere. I warned him
(Jonathan) about the sycophants. I warned him about hungry hearts who have
gotten enough and they still don’t feel satisfied. Some of them have banks in
their homes, they have a lot of money they acquired illegal properties. Where
were they when we have been in place and winning elections in this country?
They are small boys who prostrate before us. Once they got the money they don’t
longer respect (political) experience and leadership. Once they get money they
become the leader, world leader and the sycophants also dance around them, not
me. I told Omisoreyou will finish,
you will never win an election’
. Now, it is true that he doesn’t have any
support. Let him go to Ife and contest election as a Local
Government chairman weather he can win there.

Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika…’Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is one man
who can turn Nigeria upside down in a minute. I respect his brain’

Ex-Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola; The Man Chief Abiola Ogundokun cursed

How I cursed Oyinlola
You were also a prominent figure of
the party in Osun State during the era of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola. You
worked for the progress of the party until the opposition came and snatched the
state off you. What really went wrong with Olagunsoye Oyinlola?
Yes, it is
greediness that drove away PDP coupled with the act of compensating those who
do not deserve anything and abandoning those who made it possible. One of the
major reasons why (Olagunsoye) Oyinlola failed is that he believes
in fantasy. I spent a lot of money and served Oyinlola but he betrayed
me. He betrayed me in the sense that I deserved something good; they didn’t
give to me and I see them making money. Why would I just continue to look? To
the extent that I cannot deny the fact that before Baba Obasanjo intervened
in Abeokuta
at a peace meeting with him, he (Oyinlola) offended me to the extent that I
cursed him that he will not last three months as governor and he did not last
three months as governor because I was saying it from the bottom of my heart
because he said something, that he will deal with me when I get back to Osun.
But today, I have forgiven him o. I cursed him that he will not amount to
anything again in politics; he will not touch anything and succeed politically.
(Cuts in) You mean ex-Governor
Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State?
Oh yes.

Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika…’The West is using religion to divide us. Peacemust reign in Osun State’

But has he practically come to
apologize to you and seek your divine forgiveness?
In fairness
his family came o, and now, for the first time, about two and a half month ago
we greeted. So, I felt happy when he came to greet me.
Yes, I once visited you in Oshogbo in
those days and I could see the passion you had for Oyinlola throughout the
election period, you were there. You did so many things for him, so, how did
both of you suddenly fell apart?
I erected
his campaign boards; I produced all the bill boards with my money, all the T-shirts,
all the campaign jackets, hijabs for women, face caps with my
money without getting any kobo from them. And then the thing came out to be
successful and they were just chooping the money and doing what they like.

Senator Iyiola Omisore…Also got cursed by Chief Abiola Ogundokun

How Aregbesola can get out of his
Wahala in Osun State
But right now, Osun state looks like
it is going to explode under the present administration?
(Cuts in)
But it will not explode o
The other day there was riot of
uniform among students in the school; pupils were putting on Celestial, Cherub
and Seraphim, Egungun and all sort of uniforms to school to express their
dislike for Aregbesola’s Hijab policy. You as a prominent Muslim leader from
Iwo, I think you should air your opinion on this?
Yes, I am
the Basorun
Musulumi of Iwo land
; I am a good friend of Christians. As a matter of
fact, I donate money to all the churches like I do to the Islamic families.
What I think the Governor should do is simple. My advice is that the governor
should just allow one uniform not necessarily distinguishing religion because
it they have politicized religion nowadays that both Christians and Muslims are
constantly finding themselves in a position of war. Look, Islam and Christianity
is just one family. People should understand that; it is politics that has been
introduced to the world of religion that is killing all. There is nothing wrong
in the brotherhood of Christianity and Islam.
When you go to Jerusalem, just look at the Christian man, how he dresses. Look
at the Muslims and see how they dress. They are in the same building. They play
and almost worship together. So, why should we come here and create this
problem? You see hunger, hunger, hunger is being used by preachers and all
sorts of people for their own selfish end to create division and we have to be
very, very careful if we want to progress in Nigeria. America that
sends a lot of missionaries to Nigeria,
they are not good Christians o. we are more religious in Nigeria than in Saudi Arabia and in America. And we have taken it beyond levels; and let us not forget
the word of God ‘love thy neighbor as
thyself’ either Christians or

Abiola Ogundokun…’I placed a curse on Olagunsoye Oyinlola that he
wont amount to anything in PDP again and it has happened to him’

We work together in those days, we dance together, and we do
everything together. Now, families, religion is dividing them which is
dangerous and that is the tactics of the masters who brought them here. They
want to see that we are no longer united because we serve them, we work for
them. They are inheriting and making gains out of our own economy. Can you imagine
we are buying one pound sterling for N550 and buying one Dollar for about N400
when in fact, one dollar should be about N75? 
When we go to London in those
days and we change our money, their one pound was about seven hundred shillings
or something like that. But today, it is different because they don’t want
peace for Africa and we don’t understand that we are not safe in the
hands of our foreign masters who believe that they just have to continue to enslave
us. They claim that they gave us political freedom, do we have political
freedom? Ask (President) Buhari. Immediately, he won an
election, they took him to America to give him directives on
what and what he must do. Britain is equally the same thing.
When Goodluck
won an election, they dragged him to America against so many
good advises given by eminent Nigerians. People like Maurice Iwu advised him.
Did he listen to the advice? Everything Maurice Iwu told him, has it not
come to pass? They threaten you, they won’t let you rule unless you implement
their policies and when you do that, they use it to destroy your society and
society reacts. Now, look at what Buhari is going through now, does he
really like what is happening? No, he cannot love it because he wants progress
for his society.  But he cannot enforce
that progress because he is handicapped. He is ruling with the control of the
external forces. So, you cannot blame the poor man. Nobody wants to answer a
bad name in governance.

Late General Sani Abacha, the Man Chief Abiola Ogundokun served whole heartedly

I am a disappointed Politician
You served under President Shehu
Shagari as the Publicity Secretary of your NPN and you equally served under
President Goodluck Jonthan in various capacities in PDP. The two leaders have
been widely adjudged as two of the worst leaders that ever ruled Nigeria since
independence. However, analysts believes that Jonathan’s regime is worst than
Shagari’s regime. Do you agree, sir?
With my own
experience now, as a disappointed politician, I want to ask ‘which government is better?’ Shagari could be better. Shagari
is a gentle man. He is a quite man, although he left his power to the whims and
caprices of so many lieutenants. Goodluck Jonathan did the same
thing. So, which government has done better than the two? The only government
we truly missed is the aborted government of General Murthala Mohammed.
That is the government that would have helped us. If you want to talk about
leadership and past governance, who among them is clean? Who among them doesn’t
have skeleton in their cupboard? Let them just claim, ‘I don’t have anything’
and let the people start to expose and compel a probe to every allegation made.
I don’t think any of them will go free but what I am saying is that we should
help Buhari to succeed. Buhari must equally sit down; he should
not start to plan for the next election. He should sit down and go for
dialogue, talk to the opposition. Like what is happening to Bukola
is not the best.

Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika…’I am not happy with the politics of destruction in Nigeria’

 A lot of people feel Bukola Saraki is a
disgrace to the senate leadership and that he should step down to face his
probe since he went against the wish of his pary. He is widely seen as the face
of political fraud?
Is it not
the same money he spent to bring Buhari to power? Is he not the
master organizing secretary under ground that defected from PDP to go and help
to smoothen a new political party that has brought Buhari in? Don’t they
know? Once you know that a young man is powerful, what you have been using to
cage him before should be applied not destructive action. Now, it is going to
be a very bitter war. I will advise (President) Buhari from my own heavy
and highly experienced knowledge of politics that he must thread very, very
slowly. Make friends, reconcile. One thing I appreciate in him is that he is
very bold and he can do anything. If a man can cage his brother, Umaru
to come and answer charges on corruption, he can do it to
anybody. And people who are dealing with him should be careful also, because
they know who he is before they voted him to power.  For me, I see him as a quite gentle man. When
we were in (General Sani) Abacha’s administration, I was a member of the
constitutional conference, I have written so many beautiful things about him.
But with his records, when you know a man and you accept him to rule, you must
understand him and you must be careful. And if truly he is working for the
future’s continuation, he must not trespass into certain people’s freedom like
what is happening between him and Saraki and don’t think it is smooth
between him and Tinubu either.

Chief Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika…’I warned ex-President Goodluck Jonathan about Iyiola Omisore’

Are you sure, sir?
I am very sure;
it is all politics that is happening between him and Tinubu
But a lot of people said both Buhari
and Tinubu are best of friends?
No, they are
political friends. They cannot be best of friends from the heart. I know what
is happening; we are close to that system. It is pure politics.
How I became Obasanjo’s fan
What about General Obasanjo?
Obasanjo! He is the most tactical, highly
efficient planner in Nigeria. He is one man who can make things happen. He is
not a man to be confronted. He knows how to go about his will, and don’t think
that people hate Obasanjo. His enemies will hate him but his friends will love
him beyond explanation. Before, I never move close to Obasanjo but when I got
to move closer to him I found in him a pleasant man. All he wants is simple; he
respects people and he want to be respected. He wants to tell the truth. If you
don’t even like what he wants to do, tell him, don’t pretend. And don’t fear
him. Those who fear him are the people that run into problem. I have confronted
him before and I know he doesn’t take that as an offence. Before I moved to him
they told me because I am an Abacha’s friend that I should not
get closer but on the first day I met him I was surprised. It was on my matter
with Oyinlola;
that a good friend of ours brought to his notice and he invited me and Oyinlola
courtesy of Chief Afe Babalola but Oyinlola messed up there. But still
yet, I was thinking that he (Obasanjo) was going to be partial but he was very,
very honest in judgment on that occasion. That is what endeared Obasanjo
to my heart.

Abiola Ogundokun to Asabeafrika…’I sold all my properties to sponsor
and support PDP in Osun State only for me to be cheated out’

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s new alta ego

I was equally surprised that you
suddenly became Obasanjo’s friend. In his 8 years you were on the low profile
probably because you fear he would avenge your former Principal General Sani
Abacha’s political misgivings on you?
No, I wrote
so many beautiful things about Obasanjo in his 8 years. When you go
back to my magazine, I did a lot of good things for him but I never move closer
to him. I never shake his hands throughout those 8 years.

Chief Abiola Ogundokun with former Osun State Deputy Governor, Erelu Obada

Why were you so afraid of him?
No, I wasn’t
afraid. No he cannot take revenge on me because of Abacha. Obasanjo
is one person that is different. Yes, I was expecting that kind of behavior
from him when I met him but he is a humble man. You see, he is highly
respectful. Baba Obasanjo when I talk to him, he calls me ‘Baba
(Laughter) and he is older than me. I have a lot of respect
for him. That is a man Nigerians should garner round and support because we
need a leader that can handle Nigeria. That is the man. They fear him. Goodluck
feared him despite their disagreement and Buhari cannot tell me he doesn’t
fear Obasanjo.
can turn Nigeria up and down in one minute. Some of us respect him, we respect
his brain and he is respected as one who does not take offence in you
criticizing him.  He is respected as
someone who takes criticism without bitterness. So, why don’t we just put our
mind together and let him be our leader, call him, let us make him to know his
mistakes and let him see reasons with the society. But he doesn’t like

Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s latest edition of CONSCIENCE Magazine on his war with Professor Wole Soyinka

Let’s go back to your Abacha years,
you were one of the very few elites in Yoruba land who did a lot of image
laundering for the late Head of state during his unpopular regime..
(Cuts in) I
manage Abacha’s image and we did our best
Yes, I know. So, why did you support
Abacha despite the fact that he was generally seen as the worst despot who ever
ruled Nigeria?
The world is
not dangerous. The people in the world are the dangerous people. If you live or
you are ruling and you transfer your power to your lieutenants, you might run
into problems. Before you give your trust and power to anybody, you have to
study what he wants and know him. How I come I supported and helped Abacha
and I never got one kobo from that administration?

The GDA meets Chief Abiola Ogundokun

I didn’t get a dime for Supporting
This is news to me because a lot of
people believe that you actually got your fabulous wealth from Abacha’s
government. Nobody will believe you could ever do those propagandas for free?
I am happy
that (Major) Al-Mustapha is alive today that I refused to take their money.
There was a time Al-Mustapha was asked to give me half a million naira brought
to my house in presence of Dr. (Victor) Omololu Olunloyo to
thank me for using my money to uplift members of the constitutional conference.
They went and told the government in a wrong way and that was how Abacha
knew I was spending my money that much for members and he sent money to me. Olunloyo
was there and I refused to take the money. Olunloyo pressurized me. Then, I
asked them to take two hundred and fifty thousand naira and distribute it to all
members of the Constitutional conference from the South West, they all signed
for it. I have the copy of their names till today if anybody wants to deny it.
So, that is the only money that passed through me and I never touch it. Dr.
was the one I asked to distribute the money and they all signed for it and I
have the (signed) paper up till today if anybody wants to dispute it in the
South West among members. So, me, I am not part of the money sharing legacy but
something pushed me to support Abacha.
Why I supported Abacha
What is that, sir?

Another of Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s Publication on Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s Oil Economic blue print as President

Why Wole Soyinka?
Wole Soyinka has condemned every government
except one. And that is Babangida because Babangida
gave him a job at the Federal Road Safety. To him, Babangida
is the best president; no other president does anything good. And when he
attacks he is as well aloof. When you want to attack, you must proffer
solution, alternative solution to help. Maybe the person you are attacking
doesn’t know, maybe he doesn’t have the background and the knowledge to do it
right. You that you are condemning him, you must proffer alternative suggestions
to make him do it right. You don’t just attack. And the way they went out
asking for sanctions against Nigeria. Sanction will affect you and me and the
poor people. They that are globetrotting, collecting monies from international
communities will not suffer because they are getting good dollars and pound
sterling, me that I am not going to go anywhere and I am not going to allow my
children to leave outside Nigeria, who will suffer for it? So, in order to
prevent these sanctions and hunger foisted on the poor society, that is why I
took up the challenge to support Abacha and spoke that we should go
to a round table, the international community should not impose sanctions and I
thank (Late Ikemba Nnewi) Ojukwu for supporting me. I thank Ambassador
George Obiozor
, I thank Tony Anenih and many others who
followed me round the world when I was doing the campaign. SAS was one of them

One of Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s Publication on Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

(Cuts in) You mean the controversial
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff?
I don’t know
whether he is controversial, it is just politics. I also thank Baba
the lawyer in Jos and many, many people like that.
also begged me to take him along and I took him along about one or
two times to the international seminars before we fell off. I want somebody to
prove that I have gained anything from any government, one Kobo. They should
come out with it, I challenge anybody. Al-Mustapha is alive today; I
understand Abacha ordered them to give me money for my magazine. Ask them
whether they ever gave me one cent.
Ah, ah, money for Chief Ogundokun’s
Magazine sabotaged as well?
When I
launched my magazine, Kabo (of Kabo Air) was the Chief
launcher, he promised two million Naira donation, I think for six years he was
able to give me  only two
hundred and fifty thousand Naira
. So, somebody should come out and
prove me wrong.  


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