Why Ladies Are After Me – Bola Oyin Adejobi

The Scion of the Oyin Adejobi Dynasty, Bola aka Mr. Gaskiya
He’s not a half-cast, but a thoroughbred Nigerian from the artistically
inclined Oyin Adejobi clan in Osogbo, Osun State of Nigeria. His Physique and
facial structure would remind you of his late dad, while his fair complexion
has a maternal link. And if you care to know, his pleasant mum is about the
youngest of the late thespian’s wives, and obviously, the most beautiful.

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Bola Oyin-Adejobi is a chip off the old block. Everyone old enough would
remember the enviable height Dr. Oyin Adejobi attained as a theatre
practitioner despite the great challenge he had to contend with all his life.
Bola, incidentally, like his late Dad, started on stage, acting,
producing and directing drama productions before branching into music when his
burning desire to sing couldn’t be quenched. Incase you’re wondering if music also
runs in the family, the late Pa Oyin Adejobi was not just a theatre practitioner,
he was also a singer, songwriter and a composer. He in fact, dazzled many with
his rich deep voice on stage and in church. He was the National composer, as
well as, organist of The Church of the Lord, Aladura, Oke Tabeorah, when his elder
brother, Primate Adejobi was the head of the church. He played the same role at
the All Saints’ Church and a few others at different times. He was always
composing songs for their choirs and arranging special programmes for them.
Apparently, Bola, a gospel artiste who’s married and blessed with three
kids, sings in praise of the Most High God, but his lyrics are not from the Songs
of Praise Hymn Book. He takes his time to compose his songs. Little wonder, some
of his lines are being lifted by other artistes. One of which is the popular,
“Do you know pe my story ti yato si ti tele” from his last release, “stolen” by
a famous artiste. Bola’s brand is gospel, with Juju flavour, which he has
christened Gaskia, (Truth) music.
This Computer Science graduate of The Federal Polytechnic, Ede, in Osun
State, started playing music and coordinating drama in church while at Ilesa
Grammar School, Ilesa, also in Osun State. However, his professional career as
an artiste took off after his graduation at Ede in 1999/2000, shortly before
his dad died. He even had to return to the studio to compose a track entitled
Eri Olola (Divine Testimony), in honour of his late dad and mentor. This debut
album which was released in 2001 had an elaborate launch. The then Deputy Governor
of Osun State, Erelu Olusola Obada, was the Special Guest of Honour at the event
which had other dignitaries from all walks of life in attendance.
Unfortunately, the album died with its launch. How? The production was
very bad. Interestingly, only Eri Olola, done in memory of his late dad came
out fine out of the four tracks released.
After two unsuccessful outings in 2004 and 2008, the release of Exalted
in 2011 brought him back on track.
Just weeks after the album came out; Bola got a surprise call from Baba
Ori-Oke Erio-Ekiti. The well revered man of God said he had listened to his
music and he loved it. He added that he would want him to come and perform at
their annual convention. After his superb performance at the convention,
Prophets Ezekiah and Alo called him and prayed for him.
After that, another surprise telephone call hit his line from Prophet
Olabode Odunayo, a notable Ibadan Prophet, also known as, Baba Love.
The Prophet told the Gaskia exponent, “My wife bought your CD. She loves
your music, and plays it a lot. So, I want to invite you to our church’s End of
Year programme”. Bola honoured his invitation, and the prophet was overwhelmed
by his wonderful performance at the occasion.
Undoubtedly, with the acceptance and airplay enjoyed by Exalted which has
Iba Olorun Edumare as its opening track, Bola Oyin-Adejobi has become a force
no one can ignore in the industry.
The amiable singer, who released a tribute single in honour of the late
mother of highly prophetic Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish,
Lagos, Prophet Dr. Marcus Tibetan, recently released his fifth album. Below, he
speaks with WOLE AJAYI (for Asabeafrika) about the seven tracker video album
entitled Gaskia, among other issues.
Bola Oyin Adejobi on stage
Tell us about your latest release.
Gaskia is the title;
it was released on Monday, 7th of December, 2015. It was released on
BOA Productions record label, and also being marketed by BOA Productions. Gaskia
is really doing fine in the market. In fact, the demand for it is even more
than what we have in stock as I speak. So, we are going back to the factory for
a massive printout of the VCD. The video is equally enjoying airplay on both
local and cable TV stations.
Gaskia is one of the tracks in your
last release; why have you made it the title track of your new album?
In the Exalted album, Gaskia is just one of the tracks,
but in this six tracker video album, it is the major video track.

“My old man described
his office, and I located the place. He welcomed me warmly into his house. In
fact, before I finished my IT, people were thinking that I was his first child.
We slept in the same room and even on the same bed”.

You were on tour of South Africa
last Year; what was the experience like?
It was indeed a successful one. I
played in some churches, and I even broke some grounds, becoming the first
black man allowed to play live at Newscafe
beside McDonald in Pretoria North. Only white Jazzists
were allowed to perform there before then. I was introduced to the white man
who runs the place by my promoter, Ilumsa
World Entertainment
, and I was supported by Abbey City Int’l Promoter. I know that it was indeed the Lord’s
favour that I enjoyed. The turnout was very impressive. It was a self-sponsored
tour. I chose South Africa because
my fans out there were beckoning on me to come over. And I never regretted
answering their call. I would have gone to Mexico
at that time; I had the Visa also, but for certain reasons I had to drop Mexico for South Africa.
Since your dad passed on, there
hasn’t been any project from his stables in terms of stage or movie production.
What’s responsible for this?
It’s true; but the reason is not
far to seek. None of us expected his death when it suddenly came, and it put us
all off balance. There was no preparation towards taking over any of his
responsibilities. Most of us, his children, were into schooling and other
businesses. So, things really fell apart at the initial stage because there was
no centre to hold them back. To God be the glory; some of us are now back on
track, following the legacy he left behind, be it in movie, music or stage.
Who is your mentor?
My dad was my mentor. I have no
other mentor elsewhere. But as regards role model, King Sunny Ade remains my role model any day, anytime.
You once mentioned Jide Kosoko as
one of your role models; do you have any hard feelings towards him now?
No! He’s still one of them. He’s
like a father to me. When I came to Lagos for the first time on my own, in
1997, for my Industrial Training (IT), my dad gave me a letter to give him.
There was no GSM then. My old man described his office, and I located the
place. He welcomed me warmly into his house. In fact, before I finished my IT,
people were thinking that I was his first child. We slept in the same room and
even on the same bed. After my programme, anytime I came to Lagos, I made it a
point of duty to go and see him, either in his office, or at home.
With your good looks, you would
most likely be perceived as a ladies man. Have you ever been sexually harassed?
Both my physical appearance and
profession are making ladies come after me. I do thank them because they are
appreciating the good work of God in my life. What if they don’t even look at
my side? The truth is: I’d somehow be bothered. Ladies are mostly our forefront
fans; they easily give out shows and connections. As for sexual harassment, it
almost happened once or twice. Considering the fact that I’m a gospel artiste,
I wouldn’t compromise my moral standard for a temporary enjoyment that will
enslave my conscience. I politely put such harassers in check. And I thank God
for His wisdom.


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