Why Nigerian Senate must sanction Dino Melaye —Princess Bunmi Jegede

Princess Bunmi Jegede

Princess Bunmi Jegede, an Abuja (North Central)
Nigeria based international business woman has reacted to the Tuesday July 12
fracas between Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West
and Senator
Oluremi Tinubu
, wife of the All
Progressive Congress (APC) national
leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who equally represents Lagos West
Senatorial district in the National Assembly.

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Speaking in Abuja  over the weekend after a delegation of
business women paid her a visit in her Asokoro, Abuja home, Jegede declared that Dino’s
conduct to Tinubu was not only stupid but foolishly abnormal.

Remi Tinubu

Genesis of the Clash
On Tuesday
July 12, Senator Dino Melaye and Senator Oluremi Tinubu were said to
have fallen into an argumentative melee which allegedly led to the male senator
using some derogative words on his female counterpart. Melaye who has a record
of bad public conduct right from his days at the lower house was said to be
making a presentation and allegedly used innuendoes to describe some senators
whom he suspected of not supporting the leadership of his alter ego and friend,
Bukola Saraki
 (Senate President)
whom Dino
once helped carry his wife’s bag during a visit to the office of the Economic
and Financial Crime Commission (EFFC). His innuendoes had allegedly drawn the
ire of Senator Oluremi Tinubu who was said to have told a
bewildered chamber that Dino was harassing her. The Female
Senator was said to have stood up the second time saying “This thug must be tamed”
which made Dino to stand to her and said “You are very stupid”.
replied back by saying “You are a Dog” and at this junction
was alleged to have reacted back by threatening to beat her up and impregnate
her as well and that nothing will happen if he impregnates her”.
Dino Melaye
Those two
words “I will beat you and impregnate you
and nothing will happen”
allegedly said by Senator Dino
to Senator Oluremi Tinubu later drew public
anger as many Nigerians condemned those vulgar outbursts from a disntinguished
Senator of the Federal Republic to his colleague.
Dino later denied ever using the vulgar
words on Tinubu at a press conference with parliamentary correspondent
on Thursday July 14. In defending
himself, Dino said “It is
fallacious, malicious and a lie that I said I will impregnate Mrs. Tinubu. Biologically, it is even impossible
to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu because
she has reached menopause”
. On his second statement that he will beat and
sleep with Mrs. Tinubu, Dino reacted “If you also look at that statement for those of us who are
intellectually mobile, how can you say you want to beat somebody and at the
same time you want to impregnate the person? If you juxtapose the two (words)
is there any correlation? Does it make any logical sense? So, when they planted
this falsehood, they did not think deeply”

“I am sorry; I think the Okun people are in need of decent
leaders. The same thing that happened to Ekiti
People is what is happening to the Okun
people. They are in short supply of decent leaders for political leadership
and that is why we see wife bashers, street fighters and women abusers like Dino Melaye taking up the mantle of leadership as representative of Okun People at the National Assembly”

Bola Tinubu

However 3
weeks after the war of words between the two elite politicians, Princess
Bunmi Jegede
the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Honey
Textile Ltd  came strong
on Senator
Dino Melaye
describing him as a man who lacks common sense and scruple.
Speaking after an encounter with a group of business women who visited her Abuja
over the weekend, Princess Jegede who just returned from a trip
said “I am very embarrassed with what
(Senator) Dino Melaye did. It is not just an insult to the committee of gentle men
of conscience and scruple but a total abuse to the institution of motherhood
and womanhood”
Princess Bunmi Jegede a B.Sc holder in Sociology from University
of Abuja
wondered what the Nigerian society is turning into with adults
of Dino’s caliber holding position of leadership in a democratic government.  “I
really pity the people of Kogi West. The Okun
people are some of the best set of people in Nigeria. They are frank, honest
and intelligent. I have met and had business relationship with some. But I am
totally embarrassed that Dino Melaye
is from Okun land. I am sorry; I
think the Okun people are in need of
decent leaders. They are in short supply of decent leaders for political
leadership and that is why we see wife bashers, street fighters and women
abusers like Dino Melaye taking up the mantle of
leadership as representative of Okun
People at the National Assembly”

Bukola Saraki

The Oke-Ana/Iwaraja—Ilesa-Osun
State born Princess Jegede who is also a supporter of President Buhari’s
government said she never heard of Senator (Mrs.) Oluremi Tinubu
ever being insolent to anybody in her political career “I don’t know Senator Oluremi Tinubu personally. I have never met her
before but like they say, injustice to one is injustice to all. I felt deeply
embarrassed when I heard what transpired between Dino and Mrs. Tinubu on
Tuesday July 12. For the 8 years she was the first lady of Lagos State, we
never heard of any scandal about Mrs.
. For the six years going that she has been representing her people
of Lagos West Senatorial district, we never heard of her getting involved in
any scam or scandal of any sort. She has a clean bill as long as public office
is concerned. But we cannot say that of Dino
. From the onset, Dino’s
role in society is suspect. Don’t forget that this same character was the one
who fought publicly with his clothes torn apart in the 7th National
Assembly as a member of the house and he was suspended until he emerged as a
senator. If not for the massive goodwill of President Muhammad Buhari, Dino
will never had won that election. He climbed Political prominence on the
goodwill of President Buhari and APC. In between, we have heard of him
beating up his wife and divorcing her. We have heard of him impregnating a
famous Nollywood actress and denying both mother and child after birth. We have
heard of him escorting the wife of a colleague to EFCC and carrying her hand bag
like a Body Guard. So, who is Dino
asked before continuing. “Dino is nothing
but a thug”. “He is a thug. He was formally with General Buba Marwa, following him about as a thug. So, why should
he get angry being called one? Mrs. Tinubu will not be the first person to
call him a thug. Even General Obasanjo
confirmed that Dino Melaye is a thug
and either you call him a Senator or whatever, a thug is a thug”
Princess Jegede who is one of the few respected
women in the Abuja business circle wants the leadership of the Senate to punish
Dino Melaye for insulting Senator Oluremi Tinubu “You see, I don’t need to know Mrs. Tinubu. I don’t need to be her
voice in any form but I think what Dino
did to her is a big insult to womanhood. Dino
would have been more honorable if he kept his cool and ignored her. But that is
not the turf of a thug anyway. A thug will always be a thug”.
 Princess Jegede wants the Nigerian
Senate to punish Dino Melaye
“I want the senate to
set precedence, a good precedence; that in politics, decency matters. That in
politics, you don’t abuse leadership. Mrs. Tinubu is not Dino’s mate in both
marriage and political achievement. She seniors him in everything in life and
political profile. She is a mother and a wife; you don’t insult people’s wives.
Yes, somebody will say ‘you don’t abuse people’s husband too, I agree. Even if Mrs. Remi Tinubu abused Dino Melaye, whose husband is Dino Melaye?”

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“Is he Mrs. Bisi Ibidapo-Obe’s husband or Mrs.
Dino’s husband, a bachelor senator? I sympathize with people of Kogi West for
entrusting their political destiny in the hands of such a tactless fellow. I
think the Senate needs to sanction him. I believe if that is done, the senate as
a primary institution of ethics and credibility would have shown the world that
under no circumstance should we uphold  brigandage
of political hooliganism against  the
institution of womanhood”


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