A Honest President without School Cert is better than a fraudulent one with a Doctorate degree —Princess Bunmi Jegede

Princess Bunmi Jegede
“Buhari is a sincere leader. Buhari
is an epitome of transparency. Buhari is a very honest statesman, so what is
this noise about him having a secondary school certificate or not?”
This are the questions an Abuja
(Nigeria’s FederalCapital city)
based international business woman and fabric merchant, Princess Bunmi Jegede
threw up early in the week  over the
raging allegation that President Muhammad Buhari has no
WASC School Leaving Certificate which is said to be a basic neccessity in the
constituion for anybody aimimg to rule Nigeria.  The case which was instituted by a lawyer, Nnamdi  Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe was droped some 48
hours ago but the heat generated by the suit has continued un-abated.

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The Iwaraja-IlesaOsun
State (South Western Nigeria) born Princess Bunmi Jegede expressed her
disatisfaction over the inability of Nigerians to see the goodness in President
Buhari’s leadership atributes rather than certificate. Speaking  to a group of business women who visited her Asokoro
residence early in the week Princess Jegede said “I think it is
the heigh of insensitivity for someone to start harrassing Mr. President over one
useless certificate issue that does not amount to capacity building or anything
near good leadership skills. What is in a certificate compared to Mr.
President’s good intention and leadership ability?” Princess Jegede asked.

President Buhari

The founder
of Honey
Bee Textiles Ltd
warned Nigerians not to make the mistake of using a
small portion of fart to mess up the beauty of their buttocks “I want to
tell  Nigerians that we are very lucky to
have President
Mohammad Buhari
leading this country at this material time and we must
be grateful to God for this opportunity. Buhari has been a responsible
statesman and soldier in the last 5 decades of his life. He has managed bigger
positions and very rigorious assignments and he didn’t falter. He was a former
Governor of the Northern Eastern States of Nigeria; he was a former minister of
Petroleum resources in this country. And history has it that it was during his
tenure as minister of petroleum  that
Nigeria took the good decision to build three refineries. Did he do that with
the intellect of a school leaving certificate or with that of a talented
administrator?” Princess Jegede asked. 

“Durimg his campaign, we told you
that even if President Buhari
presents a toilet paper as his certificate, we will vote for him. If he
presents just his NEPA bill, we will vote hm and that is what we did. So, what
is the stress all about?”

She spoke
further on the good qualities of President Buhari “I am sure we all know that
this man has no any other credibility than his spartan virtues and his deep
hatred for corruption. Between 1983 and 1985, he tranformed the national psyche
of Nigerians with his War Against Indiscipline concept. He
and his partner, the late General Tunde Idiagbon did a
transformation that was second to none in the history of Nigeria. For the first
time in the history of Nigeria, we had people behaved well and conducted
themselves transparently. Did he achieve that with a school leaving
certificate? Somebody should answer that question. Today he is back, not by his
own power but by the power of God. He has successfu help Nigeria to retrieve a
large portion of our stolen wealth from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria and
he is taking bold steps to retrieve the ones abroad. President Buhari  has taken a deep passion in returning normalcy
to public life. Can you imagine the level of atrocities commited by people in
government during the last regime of President Jonathan? A minster of Petroleum
stole our wealth so blind to the extent that we are hearing that she has
returned N90 billion naira. Do you know what N90 billion can do to our
education sector alone? Do you know what N90 billion will do to skills
arquisition program and employement schemes across States? I think those who
are asking for Mr. President’s school leaving certificate at this critical
moment of our history are confused”
Princess Bunmi Jedege who has a degree in Sociology from
the University
Abuja listed some of the reasons why Nigerians must allow President
to continue “I think Nigerians should go and start studying
their leaders. A man who  does not have
School Certificate and wouln’t steal your common wealth is better than a man
who has doctorate degree and will loot your common wealth with reckless
abandon. The last man who ruled us was a doctorate degree holder but see the
way he used his degree to loot and stole Nigeria’s common wealth. He nearly
sold our country off to the winds if not for the miracle of March 28, 2015 when
Nigerians jointly said NO to his regime of mass loot. So, if we have appointed
a man who can change our destiny for good, why do we start castigating him over
an irrelevant issue like school leaving certificate?. Our people make laugh at
times; is good leadership about school leaving certificates? What certificate
posses in the Bible before he could lead the israelites out of Egypt? Did anyone asked Moses for his certificate
to be able to take the Israelites
across the red sea? I think people raising issue on this School Cert thing are
blind and hungry. You know it is a double trajedy to be blind and at the same
time hungry. It is never a good experience”
International business woman and enthusiast of the ruling All Progressive Congress
(APC) urged Nigerians to continue to support President Buhari as his
leadership promises great reward for Nigeria and Nigerians in the long run “He
(Buhari) is the only leader that can help us regain our sanity and that he is
doing gradually. With him I can see a new 
Nigeria filled with great hope and opportunities; a Nigeria that will be
socially and economically stable as the United States of America where
the young ones are catered for through several welfare schemes and senior
citizens through several pension schemes that will make them live longer. Under
, a civil servant (Maina) looted billions of senior citizen’s
pension and ran away with it yet Jonathan has a doctorate degree but
a man who does not have a doctorate degree is now chassing the looters and
recovering our loots and yet we are raising dust over one useless paper called
WASC or whatever  you call it. Durimg his
campaign, we told you that even if President Buhari presents a toilet
paper as his certificate, we will vote for him. If he presents just his NEPA
bill, we will vote hm and that is what we did. So, what is the stress all

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“ I don’t
want to say Nigerians are ungrateful people because I am equally a Nigerian but
all I will say is that we should mind our emotions.  Things could be worse for the economy now,
but tell me, how do you change something without that thing going through the
process of change?. Even if you want to lose a mass of weight from your body
you will go through some tough moments before you can achieve good health.
Nigeria as a country is shedding her old weight of corruption and bad
governance and that is the reason why we are moaning. Trust me, President
has more than enough capacity to change the fortune of this
country. He has the right sense of leadership. He has the right team to work
with. He has the sheer determination to see things change and with his present
reforms in the political sector, his anti-corrupton war, we have no reason to
panic as the future is bright for Nigerians”.
Princess Jegede gave a final word to Nigerian women
“I encourage all women in Nigeria, no matter the hardship in the land, please,
pray for this president. You might not have this opportunity again in a very
long while. Since we have it now, let us protect it. Let us value it. Let us
admire it. Let us cherish it and Nigeria will be a great nation again. Not for
us alone but for our children and entire household” Jegede concluded.


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