How Oyo State APC Wahala was Predicted in January

Tribune Newspaper of Monday April 3 which carried the story

Not many people are aware that the recent crisis
that rocked Oyo State APC over the imposition of care taker chairmen on Local
Government Areas by the state Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi has been
predicted since January 2017. The grievances took a new dimension on Monday 3rd
of 2017 as some politicians and members of the state’s All Progressive Party
(APC) fought dirty at the state’s secretariat in Ibadan.

Those against the appointment, especially from Akinyele
of the state and ten other Local Government Areas in Oke-Ogun zone
stormed the APC secretariat in Agodi carrying placards bearing various
antangonistic inscriptions. Their protest later degenerated into a major fight
with those in favor of the Governor’s decision who came on a solidarity visit
to the governor. The protesters freely used canes, sticks, rods, charms against
one another. The Pro-Ajimobi faction later overpowered and chased the anti-Ajimobi
faction out of the secretariat. (Google full details and read)

Governor Abiola Ajimobi aka ‘The Constituted Authority’

However, both the LGA clash and the various clashes
between Governor Ajimobi and students of various institutions in the
state has been predicted in a book “Revelation 2017”by renowned seer, Prophet
 (Dr.)MKO Tibetan
of Celestial Church
of Christ, Elisha Parish (Dublin & Nigeria) since January7, 2017 when the
book was launched in Lagos. The Prophet warned the governor who recently used disparaging words on students of Ladoke Akintola University during a protest to his office on page 84 of the
book to give peace a chance’ in Oyo state but it seems either the governor who loves to address himself as ‘Constituted Authority’
didn’t get a copy of the book or he got it but decided to test the importance
of the message. On page 85 of the book Prophet Tibetan practically
warned Governor Ajimobi not to handpick any candidate to lead in any
political office as this might lead to danger.

Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, The Nostradamus of Our Time

Hear him “All candidates should
go through proper primaries before being presented to contest in the general
elections;  no chieftain must impose
candidates on the populace again”.

The Prophet said more in the following report. Find

The First Page of the Prediction Book

Warnings from the Prophet…  
Oyo state needs lot of prayers this
Oyo state is in the pocket of Ajimobi.
The state needs male and female mayors
which will be endorsed by the king.
Let all the youths be closer to God.
Oyo state do not have legacy to leave
for the future leaders.
The past Leaders/Rulers of the state
ruled with bitterness of mind because they did not trust God, they believed
only in what they had within their reach.
The state should allow the youths to
pick among them a vibrant Youth Leader.

The 2nd & 3rd Page of the Prediction Book

The state needs to restructure the
policy of Kingship in the state because all the kings enthroned since the
creation of the state are unable to perform due to old age. Can you compare the
king of Ibadan to Oba of Benin or Ooni of Ife?  They are incomparable.
Governor thought is going to lay another foundation, by this he is deceiving
himself and he is robbing Peter to pay Paul.1Cor 3,6,12.
Bring illustrious sons back to come and
fix things right in the state.
The state must set up a lineage of those
who will rule the state with continuity of agenda and this should be done in
all the Yoruba states.

The 2017 Prediction Book

All the old politicians in the state,
including Ajimobi, should give peace
a chance.
Ajumobi must not handpick the candidate
that will be on seat after him to avoid chaos in the state.
The Oyos are too rigid and some behave
like armed robbers in nature.
The state needs another Blue prints on
how the state will be restructured and managed without fear or favour.

last Page of the Revelation

They need state police and inter-state police.
They need to restructure the affairs and
management of schools in the state.
The state should conduct internal census
to know the number of people living in the state.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi aka ‘The Constituted Authority’ of Oyo State

There will be flood and jail break in
the state.
There will be conflict between the
students and government.
There will be dispute among the market
women in the state.
There will be Inferno and famine in the
Government should monitor land owners.
The Muslims and Christians should work
together for the achievement of the goals of the state and whenever the
Governor is a Christian, the deputy must be a Muslim and vice versa.
All candidates should go through proper
primaries before being presented to contest in the general elections; no
chieftain must impose candidates on the populace again.
and Rasheed
should shun pride and come together to put the sate in order.

Prophet MKO Tibetan’s 2016 Prediction Book

Two new parties will emerge in the State
for the next election.
They need to encourage the youths into
the mechanized farming and how to show love to visitors. 1 Cor. 13.
They should teach their youths the ways
of the Lord Almighty. Rms 13: 1-8,Dan. 2, Prov 21: 1-8, Prov. 3.Dan. 1: 8, Dan.
3 20-end, 1Kg 7:4-9, Job 22:10-16, Gen 45: 1-8, 1Kg. 13: 10-18, Gen. 42, 50,
Exo. 23.
Alao Akala, Ladoja and other political
godfathers in the state should read Eze. 14:14, Eze. 10:, Eze. 33:, 2Sam.
14-14, Psm 109, 139, 24, 23.
All the leaders of the state are in the
valley of the shadow of death.
They need to restructure all the markets
in the state.

Prophet MKO Tibetan’s 2015 Prediction Book

Any commissioner of Police brought into
the state should have alliance with the vigilante group for proper security and
protection of lives and properties in the state. John 3: 16, Acts 10: 24-26.
The state should allow God to interfere
in her case.

Prophet MKO Tibetan’s 2013 Prediction Book

(All opinions celebrated
in the above article are not the views of this blog but that of the Prophet of
God as shown to him by the Almighty God. You can get copies of the Revelations 2017 book
through: +234-8097-861617,
080-5485-3828, 080-37171-730 and 080-57070-783. Dublin Address: 15, Station Street, Balbrigan Co. Dublin, Republic
of Ireland. Phone: 009-35389960-9994, 009-3538-7669-6370, 009-3538-6103-3987. London; +447-96171-4893,


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