Alamieyeseigha’s Last Interview: “I will never Forgive Obasanjo till I die”

Olusegun Obasanjo

Nigerians woke up
recently to the shocking news that former Bayelsa
state Governor, Chief Dieprieye Solomon
Peter Alamieyeseigha
has passed on. It was even more shocking to the
editorial members of City People
because of their closeness to the Bayelsa politician since his days as Governor of the state. He it
was who formerly launched City People
in Bayelsa in those good old days,
about 15years ago.

Late last year, City People Publisher,  Dr. SEYE KEHINDE and Deputy Editor, BOLA
DAVIES spent some time with him at his Lagos home during which he spoke about
his relationship with former President Olusegun
who he said plotted his downfall from power whilst he was serving
as Governor of Bayelsa. He was full
of praise for President Jonathan. Both have come a long way. For a short while President Goodluck Jonathan was Alamieyesigha’s deputy when they both
ran Bayelsa state. And when President Jonathan came in as President
in the last political dispensation, he made his former boss one of his kitchen
cabinet members and elders of the Ijaw
nation he consult with from time to time. Both are very close and Alams was one of the top politicians
from South-South that he listens to.

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Since all the dramatic
moves that the Obasanjo regime
plotted for Alams, which led to his
arrest, repatriation, detention and trial, the strongman of the Ijaw nation has been living a low key
life in Abuja and Bayelsa until his demise a few days
ago. He was still actively involved in politics at the national level and a top
member of the former ruling PDP.
In the interview he
spoke about how he and OBJ parted ways while he was still in office and how
former EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu was
used to plot his arrest and ridicule him out of office. Read what seems to be
late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha’s last
brings the exclusive interview to you from a City People edition. Enjoy!
Late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha amidst Governor Seriake Dickson with Honorable Kayode Amusan at the Ojude Oba 2015
You are one of the
closest people to President. Goodluck Jonathan. How do you see the challenges
he has been facing lately? Please share your thoughts with us on the State of
the nation.
Let me start by saying
Nigeria is blessed we thank God that today we have a President in the person of
Dr. Ebele Jonathan. If we had got a
President that does not have the character and emotional stability of Jonathan, with these myriad of
problems, this country would have gone into flames. People tend to blame him
for a lot of things that have gone wrong but people forget that the kind of
problems we are faced with is not peculiar to us. They are all over the world. America is made up of so many nationalities
with differences. To come up with a constitution there, there have been
agreements and disagreements. What we are going through now is a phase.
My advice to my fellow
Nigerians is that, I accept we have problems, the problems are not
insurmountable President Jonathan is
steadily and progressively taking us to the right destination.
What many Nigerians
don’t know is that when I sit down and catalogues what this government has done
for the past 2 ½ years and when compared to past administrations, this government’s
achievements has surpassed any other administration in the past. Very concrete
and verifiable evidence abound.

was handcuffed because of the stress and the fact that the stitches to the
surgery I had were removed that morning. I started bleeding. All my clothes
were soaked with blood. So, one of the Met. Police said: “This is not fair.
Remove the handcuff, he won’t run away. He is just coming out of the hospital.
Why must you treat him this way?”
do you make of the exchange of letters between former President Olusegun
Obasanjo and President Jonathan?
I am not going to
address the exchange of letters between the past President and current
President. I read the one they said his daughter wrote. I have read both.
Nigerians have not forgotten what the past president had with his 1st
son Gbenga. I don’t’ want to go into
Obasanjo’s letter to President
Jonathan; (it was an) incitement, preparing the grounds, for a coup, a military
coup, which is no longer fashionable. This attitude of myself or nobody else
that Obasanjo manifest should stop.
That dictatorial tendency
is no longer acceptable.  I know former President Obasanjo so well. If he is
walking towards me i can read his intentions. I know him so well. So people should
go to sleep about OBJ. Recently, he was talking about Buruji Kashamu. This is somebody who is not looking for political
appointment. He is spending money to bring people together. He has never looked
down on any leader in the South West. But because Obasanjo can’t use him, he has suddenly become a bad person.
Ask Obasanjo to bring money to sponsor one
political event, he will tell you he doesn’t have. We all know politics
consumes money. The logistic involved is much. If you have political machinery
you must lubricate it. Is Obasanjo
playing that role in the South West? No, He is not. To me the likes of Buruji should be celebrated. He doesn’t
go to Aso-Rock to look for contract.
I have never seen Buruji in the
Villa. Never! And I do not think Mr.
knows him one-on-one. That is the type of person he is
castigating. It is unnecessary.
sort of a man is Mr. President (Jonathan)?
Mr. President is a cool, calculated
man. Ideas rule the world. He uses his intellect and wisdom. It is not by
intellect and wisdom. It is not by garagara.
were Bayelsa Governor when ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo allegedly ordered the
demolition of Odi, which is in your state? What was your role and position on
the matter then?
Yes I was a Governor
when former President Olusegun Obasanjo
ordered the Military to destroy Odi.
The day they were entering Odi, I
was in Eagle Square for PDP Convention.
This is a man
(Obasanjo) that sent me an ultimatum, as Governor
to arrest the culprits and bring them and hand them over to the Federal
Government. The ultimatum he gave me had not expired; in fact it was on the 10th
day of a 15day ultimatum. I was at the Eagle Square when I heard that there is
troop movement towards Odi.

was going to places in a convoy and just in a split second I was sleeping on
the bare floor, guns were on your head when you are even eating, no communication,
no newspaper, no television, your lawyers have to apply before they can see you
and they will be present. My children were arrested and molested. My wife was
arrested and molested”
did you do?
I picked up the phone.
I called President Obasanjo. He said
he does not know anything about the issue, that I should call the Minister of
Defence. I did I called T.Y Danjuma.
He said he does not know about it; that i should call the Chief of Army Staff to ask. I called Chief of Army Staff. Gen. (Victor) Malu. He said I should
call the GOC 82 Division. I called GOC 82 Div. I was referred to the Brigade
Commander. So, I knew as a military man that there must be something happening.
So I left Eagle Square and took the
available aircraft to Port Harcourt. Security said I cannot go by road that
soldiers almost killed my deputy Governor. I said I will go. Let them try. I
drove to Yenagoa. It was late. I
entered Yenagoa around 7.30pm.
By that time, soldiers
had entered Odi. The following
morning Lt. Col, Agbabiaka said the
place is not safe, the soldiers are angry. I told him before your soldiers kill
me, I will have killed you. This is a boy I know in NDA. I am senior to him.
So, he started begging me. I said, No, let’s go. So we went. And I addressed
the soldiers, before him. I was bitter at the devastation. Only 3 houses were
left standing; a church, a bank and a Health Care Centre. Every other house was
leveled and they did not arrest one single militant that created the problem.
Because the attack was frontal, the rear was open, so all able men and woman
They just killed people
in their hundreds with bodies littering everywhere. Is that the type of
attitude we should encourage. And of course for doing that, for destroying Odi, the officer that led the operation
was promoted by Gen. Malu.
when again Obasanjo unleashed Mayhem
on Malu’s village I was happy. I
personally left Bayelsa State to Benue State to look for Gen. Malu. And I said I am happy we are
alive. We have seen what has happened to your village also. Nemesis caught with
you. Is this the type of leadership that we need.
If you kill everybody
who works under you, who are you going to rule? Is this the kind of leadership
we should celebrate? I am not saying the President does not have his own
shortcomings. There is no human being that is perfect. This is a country where
we don’t prepare our leaders to take office. In other climes it is not so. You
will have to go through processes. I make bold to say of all the leaders we’ve
had in this country Goodluck Jonathan
is the most experienced.
did you say that?
One, he is educated, he
is a Ph.d. holder. Two, he was a
Deputy Governor. He was a Governor. He was a Vice President and President. He
has gone through the ladder. Which other president has gone though that? None,
so, you must give it to him let him express his potentials. I know him. He is
not the publicity- loving type; No, Maybe that is the bad aspect he took from
me. Yes, because I was not one of those Governors who will make noise when they
provide their citizens water. It is their constitutional right.  I left office in 2005 after, any where I go
in the Niger-Delta I am celebrated. Till today, anywhere I go in the Niger-Delta
I drive myself. The people protect me. So, what else do I want? As a leader,
the day you are no longer free with your people you are finished.
you were in government as Bayelsa Governor, you loomed large over the Ijaws all
over the South-South region. You had a nick name then- Governor General of the
Ijaw nation. How were you able to galvanize the Ijaw nation?
I had a mission-to
unite all the Ijaws. I believed that in unity lies strength. The Ijaws lives across, from Ondo State down to West Africa. I commissioned historians to go into the world and
fish out where Ijaws are. When I saw the document I was surprised. Anywhere
there is water, you will find Ijaw people. It is also true we are
minorities in all these state. You will find them in all those riverrine area
of Ondo, Edo Delta. Bayelsa is 100% Ijaws.
If you go to Rivers
State, about 9 local governments are Ijaws.
If you go to Akwa Ibom, 2 local governments
are Ijaws.
You can go on and on. Even if you go to the North you will find the Ijaws where there is water. So I felt
they should identify all Ijaws all over the world and they
all have Bayelsa, Yenagoa as their Jerusalem. Once you come into Bayelsa
that is your home. If you want a plot of land we would give you as long
as you are an Ijaw man.
So the Ijaw
National Congress
was strengthened. The Ijaw Youth council was
strengthened to galvanize our people that we are one, regardless of where you
are located. So I told them if you have any problem come to Bayelsa.
is your home. We would accommodate you. So I was able to strategically locate
the Ijaws,
which happened to be the 4th largest tribe in Nigeria.
We became a movement. Many people don’t even know that in solving security
problems there is no boundary between Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Rives, Delta, Ondo State.
There is no boundary. You can’t believe it. So the strategic plan to use to
police these states must see to cut across because if there is any problem in
any of these states, it will affect the rest. The same human beings will move
from one point to the other.
true is it that your problems with ex-president Obasanjo began because you were
always too vocal at meetings with him and he could not control you?
            No. I could not have worked for him. I was elected by my
people to run the state. I respect him, as the President and Commander
in Chief
of the Armed Forces.The constitution we
have had given so much power vested on the president.After God, it is the president
, if you really have to use power conferred on you. So I respect
him. But I won’t allow somebody to ask me to do things that are against my
conscience and against my people. Primarily I must defend my people I
won’t allow you to destroy my people. There are so many things that his government
did at the time that I was opposed to and that I won’t take. I
am somebody that you cannot use I must be convinced. And I bow to superior
arguments. If I say yes, I will defend it. If I say no, I will defend it. First
and foremost I am a Ijaw man before I become a governor. And God did not make
mistake for me to have been born there. Before Nigeria, there were Ijaws. When people say National Interest
first, yes it is correct. But you came from somewhere. What of when there was
no Nigeria? At the time your nationality was your ethnic group. In
a diverse country like Nigeria, it is give and take so that
we would all be happy.
does it make you feel when you look back at Bayelsa State today and half of
those you trained or helped are now the ones running the state?
Not everybody that worked
under me has impressed me. It depends on individuals. Are you there to rule or
you are there to serve? You must get it right. I commend the present Governor.
Because of his
developmental strides, he is passionate. You must have passion for the job you
are doing. When I was the Governor, I will be out 2am, 3am
inspecting projects so no commissioner will come and tell me stories because I
know what is going on. So, everybody was on their toes.
The present Governor of
Bayelsa is doing very well. So we must support him, we encourage him to do more
because all our problem can’t be solved in one administration.
They are lucky this
time around that they have resources to work with. In 1999, my allocation for a
months was 12 million- N70 millions for salaries and N50 millions for every
other things.
That was how we started
running the state. I had no office. I had no house to stay because the military
administrator did not make provision for Deputy. So we inherited a state with
one structure and the governor was staying in office. So as I came in I handed
over the office and the house to the president now (Deputy Governor then). He
said ‘sir but where will you stay, how are you going to manage?’ I said don’t
worry. I am trained. Glory be to God, we survive it.
I have gone round this
country, the way Bayelsa State is growing; in a short time it will overtake most
of the other capitals in this country. So, I am very pleased with him.
Sir, you are the best
person to tell us about President Jonathan. You made him your deputy when you were
Governor of Bayelsa. What short of a person is he? What were the traits you saw
in him at that time that made you chose him to be your No2 man?
One, it is destiny
because I prayed to God almighty before choosing him. I said I am going into a
terrain different from my vocation. I was trained a military man; during the
period of my service in the military. I was opportuned to be Military Assistant
to the Government of River State (Bayelsa inclusive).
That is Group Captain Adeleye then. His
Excellency was a retired Air vice Marshal. When i follow him on tour I always
feel bad when we leave Port Harcourt
and go the reverine areas. So that fired me. So when I became a Governor I said
‘who will I pick that will be humble enough to serve the people. Somebody that
can sit with me and we can argue in what is best for our people somebody that
is knowledgeable and have also gone through the process that I nave also gone
through, by growing up in the village to know the problems of the people. I
thought of where in the State the person should come from. I also believe in
continuity. If I leave, the person will fit into my position without going
through any learning curve. We did not work as a master and a servant, no; I
look him as my younger brother. And that is how it is till today we are
relating with one another. I respect him a great deal. He respects me and of
course, he is my boss. So, I must give him that respect. If I don’t respect him
who else will respect him?. He is my boss. So any time he has assignments for
me, I am always jolly glad to do it. His success is my success. If he does not
succeed, then it means I have also failed. That is my concern.
does it feel having an Ijaw man being the President of Nigeria?
I feel fulfilled. I
never imagined that an Ijaw man can reach the height of
being President of Nigeria. That is even too far. I never thought in my life,
that any one can ride Bicycle to my village. Never in my life did I ever
contemplate that one day I can get to my village, Amasoma.
But today, by God’s
grace there is no type of car you can’t drive to my house in the village.
Today, we have a University in my
village which is a very big industry. So for us to be the President of Nigeria,
it is prayers answered by God. The only distinguishing factor there is that,
yes, we have the President coming from Bayelsa
State but the type of person we have today as President, sees the whole
country as his own constituency. So, the rest of the country benefits even more
than we that produced him. But to God be the glory. Let him shine, let him show
Nigerians that whether you are minority or from the biggest tribe, before God,
individual-to-individual we are equal. Anybody that has the potential can rise
in a country like Nigeria to the
highest office without discrimination. So his presidency has opened the eyes of
many Nigerians and it has given them hope that if you work hard you are
do you think triggered all the drama leading to your travail?
Third term! End of
story. The fact was that I was to be Vice President to somebody and the big man
said he was not going and wants to continue, and I said No! In the process, I
and my principal were all burnt. But his own was better because he fought hard
through the legal process but I never had the opportunity.
Goodluck Jonathan

us about your London experience and did you really escape to Nigeria dressed
like a woman and were you arrested with money belonging to Bayelsa State?  

I never returned to
Nigeria dressed like a woman. I left this country to Germany for a major
surgical operation and I was in the theater for 8hours. When I recovered from
the anesthesia, the first person I called was our president then, Olusegun Obasanjo, and that was my
greatest undoing. From that moment I started receiving very funny calls, I mean
very funny calls. I was alone but later my children in United Kingdom left their school to join me in Germany. On the 15th
day, that morning the stitches were removed and I suggested to the doctor that
I be allowed to travel to London and stay for two days before returning to
Nigeria. The children have to return to school. The doctor obliged me and so I
left Germany with my children. In the aircraft, I was in the business class and
my children in economy. When we got to Heathrow Airport, they opened the
aircraft, the Metropolitan Police
came in and asked who is Alamieyeseigha
and my two children, and I identified myself. The next ting I heard was: “You
are under arrest for money laundering”. And I said no, you cannot arrest me. By
international law standard you can’t arrest me; I am not even in your territory
yet. I am still in the aircraft and had not even passed immigration. Secondly,
I am an executive governor of a state in Nigeria. I claimed my sovereign
immunity. Detective Sergeant Ingram
of the Metropolitan Police said to me: “You have no immunity. Your president
said he has waved your immunity and we should arrest you”. And I asked, my
president said so? He responded in the affirmative. I asked him, can you arrest
any governor from any of the states in America if they commit offence here in
your territory? He said: “No, but your president said we should arrest you”. He
then put a call to Obasanjo and put
the phone on speaker, and said: “Mr.
President Sir,
the subject, the governor of Bayelsa State, has been arrested. He is with us”. Then Obasanjo blurted out: “Hold him o, hold
him o hold him o!” When I heard his voice, my spirit became dampened and then
he used the other phone to call the Inspector
General of Police
that my people will react, so they should send mobile
policemen from Port Harcourt and Delta to Bayelsa State. My children and I were
searched but nothing was found on us. I was handcuffed because of the stress
and the fact that the stitches to the surgery I had were removed that morning.
I started bleeding. All my clothes were soaked with blood. So, one of the Met.
Police said: “This is not fair. Remove the handcuff, he wont run away. He is
just coming out of the hospital. Why must you treat him this way? So they
removed the handcuff from me… asked my children to go home. Nothing was found
on me. The few Euro I had on me, about 6,000
was given to me by my friend who came to visit me in the hospital from Russia. It was even meant for my
children and, of course, all the documents were there. I was then transferred
to their Black Maria to a police station and from there transferred to another
vehicle and we drove very close to my house. I could see my house from where we
were. We were in that vehicle for about 45minutes and then the driver took off
and we drove outside London, where they locked me up, all this while I was
In the night about
10.30, 11p.m, they brought a paper for me to sign, that they found money in my
apartment and I refused to sign. I asked where the property list is and who
conducted the search. But I noticed nobody signed the document and so I refused
to sign. They said if I don’t sign, they know what to do. They now confronted
me with my assets declaration form from Nigeria. I was asked questions and I
explained to them. There was nothing they could do. They now said I should go
home, that is bail on self-recognition and be reporting to the nearest police
station everyday from 9a.m to noon; that is Paddington Police Station, which is for terrorist suspects. So I
went home.
The next day, I got a
lawyer, Oditta, a Nigerian, who said
the treatment meted out to me was not fair and that we should go to court to
vacate some of the bail conditions. So we went to court, I couldn’t even move
but I managed. We did not even spend three minutes in court. I was discharged
and acquitted because they had nothing. As I was going home, I was arrested by
the same people and was taken back to detention. The following day, I was taken
to a magistrate court on three charges. One, that in year 2000, somebody gave me
£475,000. The second charge was that in 2003, another person gave me four
hundred-and-something thousand pound sterling, and that it passed through me to
somebody. The third charge was that they found money in my house approximately
a million pounds in different currencies. Those were the three very frivolous
charges and they took me to a racist court. My lawyer was not even allowed to
talk. I was just remanded in prison custody and they took me to Bison Prison and kept me with mad
people. I was with mad people for 15days. Eventually, good Samaritans rallied
round and tried to get me bailed. Anybody that came up to be one of the
sureties was in trouble. The persons’ account will be frozen and will be
investigated. It was terrible. Of course I forgot to tell you. Nuhu Ribadu was at the airport to
identify me.
When I eventually came
out, we went to the high court. The judge insisted he was going to grant me
bail when the prosecution requested for five months for materials with which to
prosecute me to come from Nigeria because they had no evidence. The judge said:
“How can you keep an elected governor in this place for five months? If you
don’t have evidence to prosecute him now, let him go. When you are r eady he will
come back”. He ordered my lawyer and the prosecution to go and work out h te
bail conditions.
So, all the bail
conditions were met amicably by the two parties. I had already bought my ticket
to return to Nigeria the following day when the judge will pronounce my bail.
That morning, (the then Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation)
Bayo Ojo, came to court. He was very
apologetic and told the court that he was already sleeping when Obasanjo woke him up to proceed to
London, that I was going to be granted bail and he should come and stop it. He
said they don’t need me in Nigeria because there is an able deputy that can
handle whatever I am doing as governor. That I should be kept in England until
the final determination of the case and that was the request of Nigerian
The judge dropped his
pen and asked him: “Are you sure you are the Attorney General and Minister of
Justice?” Because in his 35years as a judge he has never seen where a sovereign
nation will go to another sovereign nation to ask that its own national should not
come home. “You are writing history,” he said. The crown prosecution now said:
“My Lord, it is cooperation. We were the colonial masters of Nigeria. His
Excellency is not going back to prison but to his house, if that is the request
of Nigerian government that we should oblige. We cannot because of this matter
have diplomatic row with a country that is so dear to us”. The judge kept quiet
for three minutes, shook his head and cancelled the bail application. Bayo Ojo apologized when we came out
and said: “Your Excellency, I am under instruction. Please forgive me. So, I
returned to my home.
did you eventually return to Nigeria?
I have said it before, every
other day; the Metropolitan Police
came to my house. So one of those days, they took me out of London to an
awaiting aircraft and when I asked where they were taking me, they said, ‘look
we don’t want your political problems. Go and solve it. The day we saw your Nigerian
Attorney General in court making that type of statement, we knew that it was
not a criminal matter but political and we are not interested in getting
involved’. So I was flown to Ivory Coast
in the evening; when this Good Samaritan saw me he was excited and asked what I
was doing in Ivory Coast and I narrated my ordeal. So he
said I should join him and he brought me back to Nigeria. I got home late. We
flew to Lagos and the same aircraft took me to Port Harcourt. It was in Lagos I called my ADC to come and pick me
at the airport and that was how I got home. I never dressed like a woman to
escape from London. There were a lot of things and I am only abridging it
because the stories are highly classified. The only thing to say is that it is
Former Justice Minister Bayo Ojo

you embarrassed that Nigeria was exposed in that manner to the outside world?

After my so-called
impeachment, because there was nothing in that impeachment, every step they
took I knew and it is known to all that I did not appear before any panel. I
was impeached in the EFCC. When I was taken to police headquarters handcuffed, Obasanjo instructed that I should be
flown back to England that night. So
I was taken to immigration at midnight to do passport. They did passport for
me, took me to the airport and now took my passport to British High Commission for Visa. But that did not work because
they refused. They had no choice but to bring me back to the police
headquarters. They summoned the ambassador to the police headquarters and the
man asked; ‘don’t you have laws in this country?’ ‘You said we should hold him
and we held him. The man is here; he did not commit offence and didn’t run away
but came back to his home. He has come home and why do you want to send him
back? We don’t want him’. He was summoned again to the Presidential Villa. Obasanjo threatened but they refused. Obasanjo had to write a stinker to the
then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for
allowing me to return home.
All these things
happened because of third term. They did not even stop there. There are
criminal matters I don’t want to talk about now. I was to die but God saved me.
I was sent to Dubai for medicals and
because of my ordeal the area that was operated on became infected. I was
operated three times in Lagos in Dr. Omotosho’s hospital. Finally, they
brought me to National Hospital,
Abuja and from National, there I went to Dubai.
They generated a letter, I had done cacography. I could not even walk; somebody
in the hospital (that is me) was planning to overthrow the government of
Nigeria. Ribadu went to Dubai and generated a letter. I know
even the person who typed the letter. The letter purported that I am a persona
non grata and that the Dubai
government said they were deporting me, they should come and remove me
immediately, and 12 security men were watching over me even if I was going to
the toilet. That was how I was. Then they sent EFCC operatives to Dubai to remove me, with iron on my
leg. I couldn’t even move without the hospital authorities knowing.
May his soul rest in
peace, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua intervene
when he became President; He called me and said: “Ganuwa, they will kill you.
That was how they killed my elder brother”. (MKO0 Abiola, claim your mandate;
claim your mandate. He is gone). Whatever they want, give it to them and come
out I will give you presidential pardon. I am the President. Just come out and
you will not spend one day in prison. I will send your younger brother (that is
Goodluck Jonathan). Come out, come and help me solve Niger Delta problem”. It
is rather unfortunate Yar’Adua could not fulfill his pledge to grant me
presidential pardon before he died. I’m however hopeful that one day I will get
it. So, Goodluck came and we spoke,
and they did what they did. They took me to court and the sentence. They
carried me to Ikoyi Prison, I signed and I returned home. But to God be the
glory, I am constrained not to say certain things but at the appropriate time it
will document my experience. It is going to be an interesting read for leaders
to fear God when dealing with people. To answer your question, those events did
not portray us in a good light, especially before those who knew the truth in
Late Umar Musa Yar’Adua

has the experience taught you?

I am humbled. There is
indeed nothing in life. Why  I say I am
humbled is because if you recall when I arrived this country, when finally I
regained my freedom, I had audience with the late president and said I was
returning to Dubai to remove the
iron that was in my groin. He said how can you go to a country you were deported?
I replied, Mr. President, I was not deported and I brought out my passport. I
have been to Dubai over 50 times
after that. That is to show to what extent people can go to fake. How wicked
people in this country are and they can go all out to destroy one human being
because of their interest. So when I returned home, I had never seen that type
of crowd that turned out to welcome me. This is somebody that stole their
property, their money and yet the people came out. Even as governor, with all
the apparatus and the money, I could not have mobilized that type of crowd. It
took me about five hours from Yenagoa to
Amassoma, my hometown a journey of
about 30 minutes drive, because of the crowd.
So, I looked at it that
yesterday, I was going to places in a convoy and just in a split second I was
sleeping on the bare floor, guns were on your head when you are even eating, no
communication, no newspaper, no television, your lawyers have to apply before
they can see you and they will be present. My children were arrested and
molested. My wife was arrested and molested. So indeed, there is nothing one
has not seen but to give one’s life to God.
It has become very
clear that if God does not allow, nobody can take your life. That brings me
back to the fact that Goodluck’s
presidency is divine. I can only imagine what would have happened when Goodluck was acting and then one day President Yar’Adua had recovered from
his sick bed and walked into his office and resumed his position as President.
It would have resulted in constitutional problem. Umaru is my friend. I am Ganuwa Katisina. War drums were
Those sympathetic to Umaru; the so-called cabal, if there
was. And, of course those that were sympathetic to the (then) Acting President.
God in his own wisdom decided to solve the problem in His own way and we cannot
question God.


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