BSO Celebrates Buhari’s Victory in Lagos | Calls for Election of 1st Female Deputy Speaker @ NASS

BSO Executives cutting the Victory cake

Sunday afternoon, the Ojodu Grammar
field by Ojodu LGA, Lagos, South West Nigeria came alive as over
2500 Politicians and members of The Buhari
Organization (BSO) gathered
in one accord to give thanks to God and celebrate the recent victory of the APC
Presidential candidate, General Muhammad
and his Vice, Professor Yemi
during the March 28, 2015 general election.

The organization
headed by prominent business woman cum politician Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide had stakeholders in the All
Progressive Party (APC) from major parts of the South West attending. Members
of the BSO from Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti and Oshun state
were equally in attendance as the event became a beehive of political
motivation, celebration and sundry activities to show the goodness of God in
the life of the APC and General Muhammad

Some of the BSO-APC ambassadors welcoming Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide to the venue
Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide giving her opening speech at the occassion

(Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide
who is the MD/CEO of Yefadot Nigeria Ltd a real estate development firm with Head office
in Lagos and founder of Total Peace
an NGO that caters for the better life of the ordinary people
in the society is the South West woman leader of the Buhari Support Organization
(BSO) an organization that promoted the candidacy of the All Progressive Congress Presidential Candidate, General Muhammad Buhari before and
during the 2015 general elections.

Mrs. Babajide who was in a very lively mood during
the event expressed her happiness while speaking to a group of journalists
“When we started this vanguard at the beginning of the election season,
majority of our people didn’t believe we could go this far, we strived hard and
did our best to ensure the candidacy of General
Muhammad Buhari
was not only well marketed among our people in the South
West but to equally sell the manifesto of our great party, APC and to the glory
of God, today, we have General Buhari
as the new leader of this great nation. He will be sworn in on May 29 by God’s
grace and Nigeria will witness a brand new revolution of progressive change”
“We used our campaign to open the
eyes of many Nigerians to let them see where we are coming from, where we are
at the moment and where we can go from here if we have a General Buhari on the saddle of leadership and today, Nigerians
have listened, they have voted for General
and that calls for celebration”.

Executives in a photo shoot with Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide &
Honorable Sherifat Abiodun Adedoyin, Alhaji Rabiu Danjuma & Other

On how she
was able to fund the activities of the organization during the campaign, Mrs. Babajide who has supporters across the six south western states of
Nigeria said “We do most of the campaign strategy with our personal funds. We
don’t go cap in hand begging for money from anybody. Yes, we have nominal and
premium volunteers who share our philosophy, who shares our dream and because
the Buhari idea is one which came in
its right time, we were able to make it at last. Most of the T-shirts, face
caps, banners, posters and other campaign materials we used in promoting our
candidate were primarily donated by our members. We have a lot of well to do
volunteers who share in the philosophy of
CHANGE which is the hallmark of
the new era in Nigerian politics”. On how she became a volunteer for Buhari presidency, Babajide said “I took up the job by
myself, I seek for the leadership and they appointed me and I didn’t take a
kobo from anybody. We put people together; we made an image for the party, APC
and for the candidate, General Buhari.
Let me shock you; today we have more pastors, deacons, prophets and prophetess
in BSO; they are volunteers of BSO in every state of the federation. This is
the first time this kind of thing is happening in Nigeria that Christian
leaders will be coming out to support a Muslim candidate just because of his
integrity. It is marvelous. We used our campaign to open the eyes of many
Nigerians to let them see where we are coming from, where we are at the moment
and where we can go from here if we have a General
on the saddle of leadership and today, Nigerians have listened, they
have voted for General Buhari and that
calls for celebration. That is why we are here today and you can see top APC
party stalwarts and BSO volunteers here who came to celebrate the General
Buhari election victory with us. I can say this is the biggest thing that ever happened
to our polity in the last 55 years of independence. I feel great about it and I
congratulate fellow country men and women”

stakeholders and party leaders of APC and BSO graced the occasion with their
supporters. There were also representatives from Ekiti, Ondo, Oshun, Ogun and Oyo state who
came for the BSO

A Servant Leader; Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide serves ordinary people at her own event

Victory Party.

Some leaders
of the APC at the event include APC Stalwart and secretary to Ojodu LGA, Malam Jaji and his colleague, Engineer Obasa.  Others are Agege APC party leader and foremost
BSO Volunteer Alhaji Rabiu Danjuma. Alhaja Awahu Abubakar of the Akinwunmi
Support Group
also made the event.  Honorable Kabir Olanipekun aka Seleto
and Prince Adeleye Ajibola were
in attendance. Honorable Akinwunmi
Honorable Sherifat Abiodun
and Ogun state foremost BSO Volunteer and Special Consultant to Governor Ibikunle Amosun on Local
Government Affairs, Honorable Dele
Mojeed Ekelojumati
are some of the prominent guests at the victory party.
Shipping expert and international business man Prince Obanla Adele Alese and his wife, Princess Obanla Elizabeth Alese of Allizy Cargo Services
Nigeria Ltd
were also at the occasion to honor Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide.
Agege APC Leader & BSO Volunteer, Alhaji Rabiu Danjuma showering encomium on the leadership of BSO

Some top regional
leaders of BSO equally graced the event with multitude of supporters and enthusiasts;
one of them is Mrs. Mary Ogbegun
from BSO, Ekiti state chapter. There was also Alhaji Akinborode from Ikorodu and Hajia Hafsat Suliat Maude from
Lagos central arm of BSO. Mrs. Tokunbo
who is a volunteer in the academic and research arm of the group equally
graced the event.

Dr. Hafeez Bolaji a popular Islamic Musician entertained
guests with one of his numbers which challenged all political leaders to offer
service to the ordinary people of the society. Group of talking drummers also
serenade guests with traditional entertainment.
A VIP with her partner at the event

While giving
her opening speech, Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde
lament the rate at which the elites of the country has denied the
masses an opportunity to quality living and hope. The BSO leader enjoined all political leaders in the country to give a
listening ear to the challenges of the poor and promote policies that will
enable them live and enjoy the dividends of democracy. Babajide who is also the founder of Total Peace Foundation an NGO that caters for the quality living of
the poor people shocked her guests when she declared that most of the people
she consulted for services that made the event succeed are ordinary people at
the lowest rung of the society. She called out a young man, Ahmed Kolawole whom she said has
graduated for many years without finding an employment but recently turned his
hobby of cooking into a business “He is the one who cooked the meal we are
going to eat today. We need to give people like them a chance”. “This young man
has over 60 workers who depend on him for their living. We have a lot of them
that we discovered in BSO. That is the philosophy of General Buhari; that is
the philosophy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed
to give the unknown a chance to prove himself and excel”.

Mrs. Babajide also chided party members to stop
destroying each other with unnecessary gossips but to celebrate the goodness in
each and everyone so that leadership can meet success for a better tomorrow “If
you go to a leader’s house to destroy a member of your party, you are only
sowing discord and you are destroying not only your party but your self as a
person because a time will come, every one will start to avoid you”
Business titan, Prince Obanla Adenle Alese, CEO, Allizzy Cargo Services Ltd with wife, Princess Obanla Elizabeth
Chief (Mrs) Babajide with Mrs. Toks Munis

On benefits
of BSO to members and aspiring members, Babajide
gave a hint “We have the ears of General
; that is the first benefit. We can put a call to him or Sms him on
anything that is going wrong and we will be honored with an instant response.
Secondly, we also empower ordinary people in the area of self discovery, skill
acquisition and social empowerment. We have donors who give loans to our women
folks and that has helped to empower so many women in our zone. We also have
local donors who give us platforms to offer skills to young people. In fact our
major vision is to discover and develop talents because in the last 16 years,
the leadership of this country has taken her eyes off the ordinary people’s
sector and with General Muhammad Buhari,
we are hopeful of the return of the middle class”

Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide shares a meal of Tuwo Nmasara with Mrs. Toks Munis
Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide welcomes  Hon. Sherifat Biodun Adedoyin to the event

We need our 1st female deputy speaker
from APC

Raising her
voice in support of the gender balancing at the National Assembly, Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide the leader of the Buhari Support Group in the South West said it will be a great
honor if the incoming regime of General
Muhammad Buhari
gives the 35% Affirmative act a verve by electing a lady as
the Deputy Speaker of the Lower House “I am aware that Honorable Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim, a three time lawmaker from
the North East is aspiring to be there. I join the community of good women of
Nigeria to say I endorse her intention and I humbly advise that the leadership
of APC consider it a merit that will never wane. General Muhammad Buhari
is a man of merit and I am sure the lady, Honorable
Khadija Bukar Abba
Ibrahim, with
what I have read and heard about her in the media is the best choice to
represent us at that level”
The event
ended with the cutting of a large cake decorated in national colors after a
“Meet-Your-Leaders” segment between APC representatives at the event and the
general public. Prayers were offered by Muslim and Christian clerics.

BSO, Ekiti

BSO, Ogun
BSO, Oyo

Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide honors Dr. Hafeez Bolaji the Islamic Cleric for his talent

Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide meets the GDA & Mr. Paul Ukpabio of The Nation Newspaper

Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide welcomes Dele Mojeed Ekelojumati from Ogun & his aides to the event

Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Babajide with some of her executives & Friends of BSO

Engineer Obasa & a guest

Hajia Awahu Abubakar with a male guest

Honorable Sherifat Biodun Adedoyin

Honorable Sherifat Biodun Adedoying giving a standing Ovation to the Leadership of BSO

L-R; Alhaji Rabiu Danjuma, Alhaji Akinborode & Honorable Sherifat  Abiodun Adedoyin

Malam Jaji meets the Press

One of the entertainers celebrating Chief Mrs. Babajide at the event

Some BSO female ambassadors at the event

Some Elders of the Buhari Support Organization wearing their emblem at the event

Some Executives of BSO from Lagos Central

Some top APC Leaders at the event

The Aramanda Cake in honor of GMB & PYO’s Victory @ the poll

The billboard of the ceremony

The BSO Woman Leader speaking with the Press

The Cakes in honor of General Muhammad Buhari & Pastor Yemi Osinbajo’s victory

Traditional talking drummers took over the event like no man’s business

….The Drummers are here for GMB


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