Joke of the Day: The Vicar and his congregation!

The Vicar
shocked his congregation when he announced that the Bishop had posted him to a
new Archdeaconry. After the morning service a very disturbed lady came to the
Vicar and asked “Oh, my vicar, we are
going to miss you very much. Why must the Bishop do this to us? We don’t want
you to leave!”
As she said so, she could not hold back tears.

The kindhearted
vicar said, “Now, now, sister, don’t cry.
The new vicar who is taking over from me many turn out to be even better than
“Yes, yes, we have heard that
statement several times in the past”
she replied, without hiding her
was what we were told when your predecessor was leaving us two years ago. We
later found out that you were worse than your predecessor in office. How are we
sure that your successor will not be worse than you?”
Culled from
the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100
Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore