TRENDING OPINION: YUSUF SULEIMAN, Nigerian Economic Genius & Hero of All Times – BY GEORGE ELIJAH OTUMU/CNNiReport Journalist North America

Yusuf Suleiman

Though, I have privately
sent you messages which you rightly acknowledged when you had your Birthday
@53, but I strongly felt compelled to openly appreciate you in view of the
positive value you have added to humanity irrespective of their ethnicity, tribe,
language, religion and colour. I will certainly not forgive myself if at this
juncture I don’t openly appreciate you for the world to see your virtues and
passion for Nigeria.

He’s a Prince, a direct
descendant of the Sokoto Caliphate Royal Dynasty, yet unassuming. He is a
detribalized Nigerian, so passionate about Africa’s most populous nation moving
forward. He is a workaholic, a very focused personality who loves everything
about Nigeria: from culture, politics, sports and the people. Alhaji Yusuf Suleiman,
a-two time Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is an endowment to
Nigeria since in every generation, nature creates few people who positively
transform the lives of the people.

George Elijah Otum

Alhaji Suleiman, as a
practitioner of political history, can be likened to event of 1979
elections where the Great Nigerian People’s Party (GNPP) presidential
candidate Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim had nurtured advocacy for politics without
malice appealed for participation without the normal ‘do or die’ or
“make-it-or-break-it” mindsets of the political class where he had tendered a
new dimension to approach towards politics as it is in any civilized society,
Suleiman surely believes in this principle and philosophy. This soft spoken
Harvard University graduate once told me: “It is Almighty Allah who decides who
leads the people, not man. May Allah be praised.” That was why when he received
the outcome of the Sokoto Gubernatorial election in 2015, his spirit was not
broken, he remains standing like the Rock of Gibraltar, which 
the Spanish and Latino communities call Peñón
de Gibraltar, sometimes called by its original Latin name, Calpe,)
being a monolithic limestone promontory located in the British overseas
territory of Gibraltar, off the southwestern tip of Europe on the
Iberian Peninsula. It is 426 m (1,398 ft) high-ever reliable and dependable.

Yusuf Suleiman

Like Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim,
an apostle of politics without bitterness and good governance in a remarkably
pervasive schism that is normal in Nigerian politics, he strongly believe
politics can be practiced without having to soil integrity, reputation, family
name and image.
This cerebral politician
and businessman with B.Sc Degree in Business Administration from Ahmadu Bello
University (ABU, Zaria) 1986 and MBA from ABU 1989 has helped, still helping,
empowering Youths in Sokoto State through various youth empowerment schemes
which has added value to the workforce in the state even without being in
political power. He believes in service to humanity.
It is a man like this that
Nigeria and Nigerians need with sound economic leadership, entrepreneurial
prowess without discrimination ever willing to help Nigerians, passionate about
sound economic policies for the nation in a pragmatic way that will facilitate
Nigeria’s economy out of the woods.
Words alone fail me to
recount your numerous philanthropic gestures to humanity because they are
countless like the sounds of the sea shore and uncountable like the stars in
the sky. If all Nigerian politicians are like Suleiman, so passionate in
redeeming Nigeria genuinely, then our economy will be great, our agricultural
farm produce will be plenty and cost of food will be very cheap in Nigeria.
He’s highly consulted globally on issues regarding economy and agriculture. It
is high time the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari who
vowed: “I am for Everybody, I am for Nobody”, taps into this raw, economic
knowledge of Suleiman so that together, all Nigerians can witness food
security, economic progress which will bring life-back to various homes across
the nation. He is indeed a great Nigerian, economic genius and hero of all
times. God bless Nigeria.


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