Joke of the Day: Grandma!!!

On a
Saturday night, two undergraduate daughters of Honorable Chief KB Okporovo, Ngozi
and Nnena, were at their Ikoyi
home in Lagos. Their grandmother was also with them but their parents
were away attending a birthday anniversary party hosted by a family friend at Ikeja.

At about 12
midnight, some armed robbers invaded their home. They ransacked every room and
packed the valuable goods, which included money, clothes, jewelries, and
portable electronic goods that they could lay their hands on.
After about
one hour operation, the robbers were about leaving the premises with the stolen
goods when they suddenly decided to let the two beautiful undergraduates and
their grandmother know that they were going to be raped. Shocked, the two
ladies begged the leader of the armed robbery gang not only to leave them
alone, but requested that they should spare their grandmother. The girls
explained to the robbers that their grandmother was an old woman who would be
of no use to them.
the grandmother cuts in; shouting, she said
“Shut up, Ngozi! You think say na you
alone sabi enjoy good thing. E don reach 15 years since your grandfather die”
Turning to
the gang leader, she went on, “I beg, Oga
robber, make you rape all of us, starting with me, biko”
Culled from the Book, Read ‘n’ Laugh: First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore


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